Nature Just Got Real!

Tides-What Are They and What Causes Them?

July 18, 2022 K.B. Carr Season 3 Episode 5
Nature Just Got Real!
Tides-What Are They and What Causes Them?
Show Notes

Hello Planeteers!

This week's episode is hosted by Dr. Chuck Darwin, and he tells us all about tides-what they are, what causes them, and what the different types of tides are. 

Did you know you can tell what type of tide the Ocean will have by knowing the type of tide common in the area and what phase the Moon is in? 

We talked about Moon Phases a couple of episodes ago, so you should know the Moon Phase just by looking at it. If not, be sure to catch that episode. The Moon is a fascinating subject!

Of course, this episode comes with a free PDF you can download that has a project you can make, shows examples of different types of tides, and even helps you identify what a rip current looks like. You can get that HERE.

Remember that Rip Tides and Rip Currents are different things, but are often referred to as the same. If someone tells you there is a dangerous Rip Tide, they probably mean Rip Current, so be aware that swimming conditions are dangerous. If you get caught in a Rip Current while swimming, remember to swim sideways or at an angle, instead of directly toward the shore in order to escape it. The PDF shows pictures of Rip Currents so you can identify where they are, but that can be difficult to see while you are in the water. Stay safe this Summer!

If you want to watch the episode and see Dr. Chuck Darwin, you can do that HERE.

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If you want to read the Field Journal Blog, you can do that HERE.

Until next week, have a Safe Swimming adventure in YOUR neighborhood!


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