Nature Just Got Real!

Ocean Layers-Who Lives Where?

August 01, 2022 K.B. Carr Season 3 Episode 7
Nature Just Got Real!
Ocean Layers-Who Lives Where?
Show Notes

Hello Planeteers!

This week's episode is hosted by K.B, and she tells us all about Ocean Layers-what they are, what they’re called, and who lives in what layer.

Did you know that places in the Ocean can be 36,000 feet deep? Wow, what can withstand the pressure and cold at that depth? 

We totally have the answer to that, and, of course, this episode comes with a free PDF you can download that has an Ocean Layer chart, a Marine Animal Habitat chart, and a fun Ocean in a Jar project you can make at home! You can find it  HERE.

If you want to watch the episode and see Cartoon K.B., you can do that HERE.

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If you want to read the Field Journal Blog, you can do that HERE.

Until next week, have a Deep Ocean adventure in YOUR neighborhood!


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