Nature Just Got Real!

Jellyfish! How Dangerous Are They?

August 23, 2022 K.B. Carr Season 3 Episode 10
Nature Just Got Real!
Jellyfish! How Dangerous Are They?
Show Notes

Hello Planeteers!

This week's episode is hosted by Captain Jack, and she tells us all about Jellyfish!

Do you know what to do if you get stung by a Jellyfish? No, you don’t pee on it. I thought you did, but I was wrong. Find out the REAL actions to take in this episode.

And, yes, this episode comes with a free PDF you can download. You can see pictures of  19 species of jellyfish and make your own jellyfish in a bottle. This project has a little bit of a twist I think you’ll like! You can find it  HERE.

If you want to watch the episode on video, you can do that HERE.

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If you want to read the Field Journal Blog, you can do that HERE.

Until next week, have a non-stinging adventure in YOUR neighborhood!


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