Nature Just Got Real!

Ep #10 - Project Bumblebee Watch

May 27, 2020 K.B. Carr Season 1 Episode 10
Nature Just Got Real!
Ep #10 - Project Bumblebee Watch
Show Notes

Did you know that scientists need our help tracking Bumblebees? 
In this episode, we talk to Rich Hatfield from the Xerces Society about why tracking Bumblebees is important, why scientists need help doing it, and what WE can do to help them.
And yes, there’s an app for that!

Also, in this episode, Chuck Darwin gives us the definition of the word Pollinator and tells us who they are, Jack answers a listener’s question about whether bumblebees can sting, and Tito gives us some weird facts about bumblebees that even I didn’t know

This is a buzzing good episode you won't want to miss!

In this episode, we learn to help scientists out by tracking the Bumblebees in our area. This is a project that kids of most ages can participate in with the help or supervision of an adult. It teaches observation of the habits and environments of Bumblebees and opens up a conversation about pesticides, climate change, and other things that negatively impact the species. It also makes kids feel empowered by getting them involved in helping to find solutions, which can reduce their anxiety about the changes they are hearing about and seeing around them. This episode features the Weird & Wacky Word of the Week, as well as Weird Bumblebee facts, and practical advice about how to act around Bumblebees.

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