Nature Just Got Real!

Ep #12 - How to Make an Aquarium Nightlight

June 10, 2020 K.B. Carr Season 1 Episode 12
Nature Just Got Real!
Ep #12 - How to Make an Aquarium Nightlight
Show Notes

Ever wanted your own personal mini-aquarium?

How about a nightlight with sea creatures swimming in it? In this episode, we make a Nightlight Aquarium with a mason jar and a few toys that looks sooo real, but there are no live animals needed! It would also be a cool gift for Father's Day or for someone who works in an office where they can't have a real pet. I like to use it as a nightlight beside my bed AND in my office. Why not? It's super simple to make and doesn't require too many parts. I also love that you are only limited by your imagination. I like to exercise mine regularly.

Try this one at home and see what I mean. This is my favorite project so far!

Also, Chuck Darwin gives us the meaning of submersible, both as a noun and an adjective, Jack answers the question of whether fish have feelings (what a cool question!), and Tito talks about an animal I like so much I wrote a song about it. I'll make him sing it one of these days...

For Parents & Guardians:
In this episode, we learn to use things we may already have around the house or reuse a jar we might otherwise throw out, while making a cool gift for someone (or maybe just ourselves). This is a project that kids of most ages can participate in with the help or supervision of an adult. It does involve a glue gun, but could also use regular glue with enough dry time. It teaches water observation, design and opens up a conversation about declining species and the emotions of animals we might not have thought about before. It also makes kids feel empowered by getting them involved in helping a vulnerable animal. This episode features the Weird & Wacky Word of the Week, as well as recognizing emotion in pets, and the challenges one species faces from human actions alone.

**Someone suggested I make a monthly subscription box for kids based on the podcast, so I thought I'd see whether there would be any interest in something like that. I find the idea intriguing...
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I used my own aquarium rocks and plant that I had, I bought a blue Mason jar from Walmart, but I recommend you reuse a jar you have at home once you use the contents.
I purchased my sea creatures on Amazon HERE.
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