Nature Just Got Real!

Citizens of the Hiber Nation! S2-Ep #2

March 31, 2021 K.B. Carr Season 2 Episode 2
Nature Just Got Real!
Citizens of the Hiber Nation! S2-Ep #2
Show Notes

Why do some animals hibernate in winter? Are they lazy? Do they not like winter sports? What exactly is Hibernation anyway?

In this second show of season 2, we explore hibernation-what it really is, who does it, who doesn’t do it, and other states that look like hibernation but aren’t. Sound complicated? We break it down for you:)

As many animals who do really hibernate ( and also those fake hibernators) are starting to become active again, we wanted to know the real scoop about it. There were a few surprises in this episode, so prepare yourself!

Chuck Darwin gives us a couple of different words that mean basically the same thing, but have different reasons and different seasons.

Tito gives us some crazy facts about birds that have to do with a state that looks like hibernation but isn’t, and some highly unusual habits some of these birds have been seen doing.

Captain Jack asks if any dog species hibernate. She was thinking the answer would be no, but the answer surprised her and it might surprise you too!

There is a lesson plan to go along with this episode with recommended reads and hibernation cam links, so you can watch live as bears start to wake up and become active!

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Weird & Wacky Creatures 2- we talk about Raccoon Dogs featured in this book.

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