Nature Just Got Real!

Happy Earth Day 2021-part 1 S2, Ep #3

April 19, 2021 K.B. Carr Season 2 Episode 3
Nature Just Got Real!
Happy Earth Day 2021-part 1 S2, Ep #3
Show Notes

Happy Earth Day to you...Happy Earth Day to you...

Yes, this week is Earth Day 2021 and I had so much to talk about, I decided to split this episode into 2 parts!
In this first part, we are going to do a project that I love:     make our own straws!

Seriously, it's not as hard as it sounds. I'll guide you through the whole process. This project will also be featured on the Kids Listen Activity app this week, too, so hopefully, we'll have a bunch of kids making their own straws for Earth Day.

Don't forget that you can get Weird & Wacky Endangered Creatures for free this week on Amazon and if you do, let me know what you think by leaving a review. I promise I read them all:) The link is below.

If you want to watch this project as a video on YouTube, you can do that here:

If you want to download the Earth Day Activities PDF,  you can do that here:

Remember that this is Part 1 of the Earth Day episode. Part 2 will be available on Thursday (the actual Earth Day) where I'll have an interview with Tracy Richie, the Director of Education for She's going to tell us lots of cool stuff about how Earth Day got started, when, and some other things we can do to help the planet.

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Earth Day Activities PDF

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