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Savannah's World

Alex & Bryard

Alex & Bryard are a songwriting duo from Boston, MA and Nashville, TN respectively, and co-founders of Savannah's World - a musical scripted podcast series brand. The podcasts follow the adventures of Savannah Green, a third grade protagonist who deals with the everyday ups and downs of elementary school, all the while learning the stories of unsung heroes that greatly contributed to America and abroad. In each episode she uncovers a hero and takes the lessons they have learned or taught to apply to her various situations in and out of school. Through the eyes of Savannah, young boys and girls can learn important life lessons, history, and more in this interactive product. Alex (Alexandria Churchwell) is an actor, singer, writer, and producer in Los Angeles; Bryard (Bryard Huggins) is a composer, record producer, songwriter, and recording artist in Nashville.