Aim to Win Podcast

Stopping Self Sabotage with Stephen Bates

March 29, 2022 Wade Thomas
Aim to Win Podcast
Stopping Self Sabotage with Stephen Bates
Show Notes

Stephen Bates is a British business coach that specialises in helping Entrepreneurs and Business People who know they and their teams are underperforming.

Stephen has spent the last 28 years looking at why 40% of people sabotage themselves both in their personal lives, and also in business.

In 2002, he founded Certain Change Ltd where he now specialises in two core topics.

1) Stopping Entrepreneurs self-sabotage.

2) Helping them develop their Leadership & Management skills which can extend into their Senior Management teams when working with big organisations.

His main mission is to help people achieve tangible results by understanding their own thinking and behaviours and that of their team, the people they employ and their customers.

Changing Behaviours To Create Better Results, Fixing Imposter Syndrome & Confidence Problems and Developing Influential and Effective Leaders is the objective of Stephen's unique methodology .

Stephen has helped thousands of clients across the globe. He is the creator of the Alpha Programme, the Certain Change Programme and Co-Founder of Tech Leaders.