Aim to Win Podcast

Mindset Mastery with Samreen Mongilo

April 05, 2022 Wade Thomas
Aim to Win Podcast
Mindset Mastery with Samreen Mongilo
Show Notes

Dr. Samreen Mongillo holds her doctorate in physical therapy and is a success and life coach. She is the founder of

She teaches people how to own their power, develop a strong mindset, remedy burnout, and make use of seven tools that promote a healthier lifestyle and greater life balance.

Her true passion is all about coaching people to believe in their self-worth, to be their most confident version, connect to their highest potential, and help them live their best life.

As a physical therapist for over a decade, she has observed the strong correlation between the mind and body. When her physical therapy patients focus on pain, they experience more pain. When they focus on healing, they experience more healing. Now she applies this knowledge with her life coaching clients as well.

Guiding people to think about positive outcomes almost always delivers positive results — it's the very essence of the law of attraction. You cannot separate mind and body.