Career Sweetspot

#118 - A letter to the listener: Part 1

September 08, 2021 Greenhouse
Career Sweetspot
#118 - A letter to the listener: Part 1
Show Notes

It’s incredible, what happened when we started focusing…

You probably know that feeling. That thing that you really want to accomplish - that you know would really change things, if you could just get focused on it.

 For us as a team here at Greenhouse, it’s looked like dialing-in and leveling-up our Monthly Membership + Community for intentional people looking to transition or grow in their career.

It's been an extraordinary season of leaning in and doing this important work that's been in the works for almost 6 years.

On today's podcast episode, Steve is reading a letter to you, the listener, about what we've been up to this summer and what you can look forward to this fall.

We are buzzing with excitement and can't wait to share it all with you. It mostly has to do with what happens when you really focus on what matters most.



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