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Becoming a Space Investor: An Interview with Christian Thaler-Wolski

December 18, 2022 Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom Episode 47
SpaceBase Podcast
Becoming a Space Investor: An Interview with Christian Thaler-Wolski
Show Notes

An interview with Christian Thaler-Wolski,  a startup advisor, business developer, and angel investor focused on Spacetech. Previously, Christian worked in venture capital in Europe. Prior to his investor role he had a five-year career in technical product sales and key account management at ORACLE, a global leader in enterprise software. 

Christian is a native of Germany and graduated from the International Space University’s Souther Hemisphere Space Studies program in 2020. He has degrees in Economics and also a graduated with an MBA degree at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, in 2006. 

Christian moved to Adelaide in 2019 and subsepquently co-founded the ISU alumni association for Australia and New Zealand as well as the ISU Adelaide Conference, held every year online for the whole Indo-Pacific region. 

In this interview we will hear from Christian what it takes to become a space investor , and why investing in the space industry is at an inflection point and growth phase today.  He will also talk about how the ISU programme has changed his career and his current initiatives to help grow the space industry in the region through conferences.


ISU Adelaide Space Conference - 3-4 February, 2023
An Indo Pacific region conference focused this year on Challenges and Opportunities in Commercial SpaceRSVP today!

Internationa Space University Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Programme (SHSSP23).   A 5-week multidisciplinary space programme delivered in Adelaide, Australia (16 Jan - 17 February 2023).

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