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The cost of overlooked details

December 15, 2019 Kassandra Taggart / Dave Stroh
The Landlord's Almanac - Landlord Conversations
The cost of overlooked details
Show Notes

E14: The cost of overlooked details
Details are boring but needed for profits.  It is easy to get busy in life and forget them or get tired and not want to pay attention to them anymore. However, it is one of the keys needed to make a profit on rentals.
Dec 15, 2019
Kassandra Taggart
Dave Stroh
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Show Notes:

Introduction to RPM

The cost of overlooked details.

Record keeping will assist in legal protection

A host of common mistakes that add up.

Clear communications set up for success.

Electronic Signing of Leases and documents

Verbal Leases vs Written Lease

Texting war with tenants.

Risk mitigation can happen through clear communication

Bankruptcy can be okay, but you really need to understand them to avoid jeopardizing future rents.

Systems for dealing with the drama of tenants.

Having a system helps the tenant naturally be accountable

Systems keep you accountable and focused on business vs emotions.

Understanding the laws will help you know what to do.

A story about a tenant having a repair issue and thought she could just move out.

Tenants that make threats can be scary when you as a landlord don’t know your rights.

How many property managers are paid to support landlords?

We had a kitchen fire, we already knew what to do. That knowledge is worth a property manager being paid $1,200 a year.

Property Management takes time.

You need to service your tenants well, or they will leave.


Habitability definitions.

Federal, State, and City all have different levels.

Fair Housing is also at all different levels.

Examples of what isn’t allowed.

Insurance is something that will help landlords mitigate risks.

Umbrella Insurance

Group Insurance discounts

Comingle of business vs personal

Guarantee insurance for non-payment of rent

Can go broke on insurance

TCM Restoration Ad

Habit #1 Take Responsibility

A story about gutters backing up.

Habit #2 Know your Numbers

Habit #3 Read something new

Habit #4 Regular assessments

Habit #5 Have a goal in mind

You can get tired as a landlord, and it will cost you money.

A story about a guy with 23 rentals.

Questions and Answers from the Forums

Are there cheap property managers vs expensive?



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