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Those Annoying Pests being Pesty

January 22, 2020 Kassandra Taggart / Brad Campbell Season 2 Episode 15
The Landlord's Almanac - Landlord Conversations
Those Annoying Pests being Pesty
Show Notes

Pests are annoying! They kill profits, upset tenants, and take our time.  However, learning more about the pests will help reduce costs.  Listen in with Brad and I as we talk about bed bugs, ants, wasps, and ticks.

Kassandra Taggart
Brad Campbell with Brad Bad Beg Bug Busters
Jan  22, 2020
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Show Notes:

Bad Brad Beg Bug Busters

There is a great amount of fear of bugs.

Occupants care about the vehicle having logos or not.

Brad talks about Bed Bugs and Roaches and how one could get it either by the environment or a person brought it in.

Wasps have been a growing concern in Alaska.

A story about getting into a motorcycle gear to attack wasps.

Let's talk about the process of handling bed bugs

Anchorage Municipality code regarding pests

Heat Treatments vs Pesticide Treatments

How invasive the process is to the resident.

Some landlords pay to move tenants to a hotel

Some landlords are quick to pay the bill

Some landlords say no, and bill the tenant.

Most landlords have it in their budget.

How are the bed bugs traveling?

Hotel, Movies, Airplane, Stores….

Just being in the world you can get it

Air B&B has it as a big concern.

Bed Bugs are around where people are, bed, couch, chairs.

Location of various other pests

Carpenter ants, clear away debris away from the house.

A story about ants going in through a bedroom

Commercial – TCM Restoration

Mice – Shrews

Ticks, Fleas are now in Alaska 

Why use Brad over other companies.

Customer Service matters when being faced with something so invasive.

This is why tenants renew or not on leases, is how good is your service.

Brad ends with – Good to you, Bad for the bugs

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