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Secrets to Maximizing your Profits

January 02, 2020 Kassandra Taggart / David Stroh Season 2 Episode 19
The Landlord's Almanac - Landlord Conversations
Secrets to Maximizing your Profits
Show Notes

There are many tricks that can be done to maximize your profits. To name a few is the management of time, systems, and how you look at money.
Jan 2, 2020
Kassandra Taggart
Dave Strohr
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Show Notes:
Secrets to Maximizing your Profits

Ask, Receive, Apply.


Ask, Receive, and Apply.

You have to understand you won’t know everything, you need to ask.

Surrounding yourself with other experienced people. 

Ask many questions, those that have, have a better plan and profits than others.

Story about a landlord who followed a plan.

Would an initiative investor learn from those doing well and those not doing well.

Sometimes you must know both to see the difference to make your own decision.

Extract secrets on marketing and time.

Time is money.

So if you don’t maximize your efforts, your values on your time will decrease.

Those that focus on how many people they can help tend to make more

Focus on the time it takes and values.

The vacancy is the #1 cost.

When trying to fill rental properties with qualified renters.

Spend some time on building a good marketing ad. 

Thinks about area features, like a park or trail.

Majority of Alaskans voted that trails are the biggest 

Next having a system before you start accepting applications will avoid emotional turmoil.

Being available for showing when people are shopping. They shop at all hours.

Turning around a property fast makes it breaks profit that year.

Process of manual ads vs paid ads

Let's talk about how people and the way they respond to money, impact managing a rental.

There are different types of landlords and some make decisions based on budget, some make a decision based on a budget whereas others make decisions based on fears.

Making certain decisions causes poor decisions such as putting something on the market that isn’t fully ready.  Then this causes a snowball effect of a series of painful problems.

Landlords that approve inspections were more prepared for the damages rather than landlord fearful of spending money and didn’t do inspections and was even more shocked.

How do emotions work for or against landlords?

Well one has to break down the emotional portions before solving the rental issue.

A story about an owner not wanting to do an eviction because they were scared of someone being homeless.

Is greed an emotion that landlords/tenants have?

Yes, how they price a property typically is from greed.

Is it easy to spot greed by looking at what they price

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