Gospel Beautiful Podcast

Joe Davis

October 20, 2019 Joe Davis
Gospel Beautiful Podcast
Joe Davis
Show Notes

In this episode, I interview Joe Davis. We talk about his story, theology, racial reconciliation, cancel culture, among many other things.

According to his website,

"Joe Davis is a nationally touring writer, speaker, and performer based in Minneapolis, MN. He is the CEO of The New Renaissance, LLC, frontman of emerging soul, funk, and spoken word ensemble, The Poetic Diaspora, and co-founder / Artistic Director of H-Cubed: Hope, Healing, Harmony, a grassroots community movement centered on healing through the arts. As a student and educator, he has served as teaching artist at dozens of high schools and universities and most recently as the Artist-in-Residence at Luther Seminary, receiving a masters in Theology of the Arts."
The New Renaissance Ancestral Origins GoFundMe Page.

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