I Have My Reasons

I HAVE MY REASONS- EP06- Melissa West

January 27, 2020 Deandra Dey Melissa West Season 1 Episode 6
I Have My Reasons
I HAVE MY REASONS- EP06- Melissa West
Show Notes

In Episode 6 of I Have My Reasons Kamloops Mental Health Counsellor Deandra Dey speaks with her good friend and colleague Kamloops Registered Massage Therapist Melissa West. Melissa is passionate about taking an interdisciplinary approach to healing chronic pain. This passion and experience led her to open her own pain management clinic in Kamloops.  Melissa’s team at Change Your Pain Kamloops includes Registered Massage Therapists, a Naturopath doctor, Counsellor and a Kinesiologist.

In this podcast, Deandra and Melissa talk about:

The autonomic nervous system
Pain and the nervous system
What happens in our bodies when dysregulated
Trauma and how it impacts the state of our nervous system 
Understanding and supporting our nervous system - a helpful tool in our healing journey

Deandra Dey Therapy www.deandradeytherapy.com

Change Your Pain Kamloops www.changeyourpain.com

Niel Person- Pain Management https://lifeisnow.ca/

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