Island Life with Alex Denney

S3E1 - Limerance (w/ Kaitlyn Schott, Stu the Polar Bear, Egson the Fruit Bat and Jethro the Lemur)

January 19, 2021 Alex Denney / Kaitlyn Schott / John-Michael Sedor / Brent Trueblood / Eric Batista Rogell Season 3 Episode 1
Island Life with Alex Denney
S3E1 - Limerance (w/ Kaitlyn Schott, Stu the Polar Bear, Egson the Fruit Bat and Jethro the Lemur)
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In this week's broadcast from a ship near an island of talking animals, Alex has finally managed to sail out into open waters, but still can't find his way back to human civilization! Along with Egson the Fruit Bat and Jethro the Lemur, they meet writer / poet Kaitlyn Schott over the radio, and help rescue an iceberg-stranded polar bear named Stu.

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Credits: Alex - Alex Denney, Kaitlyn - Kaitlyn Schott, Stu the Polar Bear - John-Michael Sedor, Egson the Fruit Bat - Brent Trueblood, Jethro the Lemur - Eric Batista-Rogell, Cover Art - Alex Denney, Sound Editing - Isaac Balachandran

This episode's suggestion word was "surface tension" given by Kyle Rebar. We reach out for suggestion words from fans the day before every recording session, so be sure to follow us on social media for the chance for us to use a word you suggest in a future episode!
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Alex Denney: [00:00:00] if anyone can hear me,  this message is for you. My name is Alex, Denney, and I hope I'm coming through. I do these monthly broadcast, so being that ease your strife. It's archipelago on an adventure in this lonely Island life. Archipelago on an adventure in this lonely Island life.
I shipwrecked on an Island so many years ago. Made friends with talking animals, and  finally fixed my boat. Now sail with them together, as we see the world outside, it's archipelago on an adventure in this lonely Island life. Archipelago on an adventure in this lonely Island life.
Welcome to Island life with Alex Denney. It is my, uh, I wouldn't say emergency broadcast anymore, it's just my broadcast that I do. Uh, and I don't even guess I do a weekly anymore. I'm probably going to do it on a, more of a monthly, uh, amount of time, um, out here. 
Look, there's a lot going on, there's a lot new, there's a lot that has changed since maybe, you've heard from me last,  at that, Halloween party with all my friends, I announced that I was going to be trying to leave the Island on my boat.
And guess what I did. I haven't been able to, actually find my way home.  it does seem that, uh, even though I was able to kind of finally find my way and break free from, from the tides. I, every time I go too far, I eventually just seem to find my way back to the Island.
Which  is weird.  but I'm still not a very good sailor. and so I'm sure it's just my, bad sense of direction. in either case,  I'm still happy to be able to be out and sailing and exploring the waters around the Island. And what's more, I'm not doing it alone.
I am doing it with, uh, some of my good buddies with me and, and,  Today. first off I've got my buddy Egson the fruit bat. Egson, how are you doing today? 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:02:11] Hello? I love, I can't stop eating chips. Alex, who brought this big box of big chips?
Alex Denney: [00:02:22] I think, uh,  those were some of Jethro's chips. Uh, I also have Jethro the lemur with me here on the boat. Jethro, how you doing? 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:02:30] I'm doing okay, baby. So long as everybody's enjoying my dehydrated fruit chips. 
Alex Denney: [00:02:35] Jethro has a whole bunch of food storage, on the Island, he lives in a veritable bunker, out there.  I'm so glad that you were willing to share some of your supplies for our, boat journey today. 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:02:48] Hey, uh, what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine. 
Alex Denney: [00:02:52] That's fair enough. That, that sounds only right. Uh, anything on the boat that you want to use, feel free me, uh, boata, es tu boata, what's the word for boat in Spanish? I've never been good at Spanish Jethro, you 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:03:06] Barco.
Alex Denney: [00:03:06] speak Spanish, right?

Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:03:08] Oh, no.
Alex Denney: [00:03:08] What was that?
Jethro, Lemur: [00:03:09] Barco.
Alex Denney: [00:03:10] Barco?
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:03:10] Oh no.
Alex Denney: [00:03:12] I actually, I was way off. I had no idea that Barco was the word for boat in Spanish.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:03:17] Barco.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:03:19] Polo.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:03:20] Polo.
Alex Denney: [00:03:21] But it does sound appropriate for a, boat that'd be around, uh, Island of talking animals. It sounds like bark.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:03:28] it's a more, uh, let's say informal. You could also say Navi, which is Latin.  Hence we get navvy navigate.
Alex Denney: [00:03:39] Navigation.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:03:40] Navy. 
Alex Denney: [00:03:42] Ooh. Oh, wow. I didn't know I'd be getting a, , language lesson today.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:03:48] You pick up a lot when you're surrounded by a bunch of Harvard grads experimenting on you, baby. 
Alex Denney: [00:03:52] I guess that's a silver lining
Jethro, Lemur: [00:03:54] , it's one of many silver linings. I see a lot of spectrums. Usually I'd be a little colorblind, but Ooh, baby. Do I see all the colors now. 
Alex Denney: [00:04:04] you see more colors  than even like the average human does now.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:04:09] Yeah. That's why.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:04:10] I don't see color.
I only see frequencies.
 Alex Denney: [00:04:16] isn't light a frequency? 

Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:04:18] I see light and I see sound and I can't stop eating these chips. 
Alex Denney: [00:04:22] way. Well, I actually, I don't want to say 'you eat away', they're not my chips per well, I guess they are sort of, my chips 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:04:28] They're everybody's chips.
Alex Denney: [00:04:29] Chips are my ships are your chips. There are chips.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:04:31] I think I'm 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:04:33] With a food baby.
Alex Denney: [00:04:34] I do see some tension in your belly over there. Some tension on the surface of your belly.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:04:38] Yeah there's a lot of tension in my belly. It's a meniscus.
Alex Denney: [00:04:40] Also, it looks like it's ready to pop. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:04:42] It's a meniscus.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:04:43] The tides. 
Alex Denney: [00:04:44] Are you even able to fly? 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:04:46] I'm not. I'm just in the Cuddy. I'm over here in the Cuddy. 
Alex Denney: [00:04:50] You crazy kid, in the Cuddy. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:04:53] *chuckles*

Alex Denney: [00:04:54] as we cut through the surface, the water on...
Jethro, Lemur: [00:05:00] There's water and more water and more water. And Oh, Oh. Piece of garbage,
Alex Denney: [00:05:08] Mm.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:05:09] and more water. 
Alex Denney: [00:05:11] It's too bad about that garbage out in the water. Even, even the waters around the Island, there's still plenty of garbage out here. 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:05:16] *unclear*
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:05:17] The size of Texas. 
Alex Denney: [00:05:18] Ooh.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:05:20] That's a Texas size garbage.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:05:23] You know, the upside to this is that we can use a lot of this to build cool things, repair, get some news of the world. You know, there's always a silver lining to this, baby. 
Alex Denney: [00:05:35] one would think that with, all you've been through, you might have a more pessimistic view of the world, but you,  tend to be so positive.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:05:41] Well, um, I'm kind of going through a midlife crisis. See Noah I'm 13, or I'm going to be 13 in a month and a half. So...
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:05:51] Congratulations. 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:05:52] Uh, thank you very much but that, that does literally mean that my life is technically half over, you know, over the Hill humans data, they buy a sports car or, you know, trade in for a new model mate, but, uh, it's just me and the sea and just giving me a lot of time introspection. Finding in my way, and Egson's been, uh, well, he has a lot of wine from the fermented fruit, so that's, uh, that's helped. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:06:28] Yes. It's it's from the papaya. It's from the Western most part of the Island. And you know, it's been over fermenting. So the alcohol content is triple the amount that it was before, but you know, it still has a little bit of, you know, palpable little pettiness is to it. And, um, you know, we've been trading war stories, drinking back and forth. We both been through so much pain and torment, but enough about us, I guess we're still,
Jethro, Lemur: [00:06:57] Yes.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:06:58] You know, seeing if anybody can come through on that, transmission. 

Jethro, Lemur: [00:07:03] Is anybody out there? 
Alex Denney: [00:07:05] I feel like on land, if you drink during the day, it's frowned upon, but like, I feel like on a boat, it's just considered acceptable drink any time. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:07:15] Yeah. Get super drunk and drive the boat. 
Alex Denney: [00:07:17] Yeah. Like...
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:07:18] It's what people do.
Alex Denney: [00:07:19] What're you going to do, you're going to bi, you're going to bump into anything and crash into to an iceberg. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:07:23] Yeah, it could be dangerous? What are you gonna like drown? No.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:07:26] What are the odds of that happening? 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:07:28] That doesn't happen.
Alex Denney: [00:07:29] We're in like the, somwhere in the south pacific, I think. I think we are. 
Caitlin: [00:07:35] Uh, hello? 
Alex Denney: [00:07:37] Hey, we got somebody.
Caitlin: [00:07:42] Hi, uh, who, who is this? 
Alex Denney: [00:07:45] Hi, my name's Alex Denny I'm, uh, I'm sailing on a boat near a, an Island of talking animals. And I'm here with, uh, with my friend Egson, the fruit bat and, uh, Jethro, the lemur. Who are we speaking to? 
Caitlin: [00:07:58] Uh, uh, Caitlin, uh, hi everyone. 
Alex Denney: [00:08:03] Hi Caitlin, nice to meet you. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:08:05] Hello.
Caitlin: [00:08:05] Hi. I don't know how I'm picking up your signal right now. I'm just working on my computer trying to write and I, I, I thought what I heard was a unskippable ad, but, uh, apparently you can hear me? 
Alex Denney: [00:08:24] Yeah, we can hear you. It's nice that you can hear us. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:08:28] Definitely. Unskippable that's for sure. 
Alex Denney: [00:08:30] That's right. Maybe that's what I should name my boat guys. I haven't named my boat and I know that's bad luck.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:08:33] Oh.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:08:34] Oh, like unskippable that? 
Alex Denney: [00:08:35] Should it be the unskippable? 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:08:36] Metophorical, blowing my mind.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:08:37] We'll use one of your wine bottles to christen it. 
Caitlin: [00:08:40] I was just trying to work on my poetry, but, uh.
Alex Denney: [00:08:43] Oo, what you're you're you're writing poetry. That's cool. 
Caitlin: [00:08:47] Yeah, trying to.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:08:48] Let's hear something. 
Alex Denney: [00:08:49] Yeah. Can, can we hear one of your poems?
Jethro, Lemur: [00:08:52] I'm going to try and snap. 
Caitlin: [00:08:54] Oh, okay. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:08:55] We're not going to grade you or judge you on it at all. 
Caitlin: [00:08:58] Yeah. Uh, sure. 
Alex Denney: [00:09:00] Do you have one that's like in front of you?
Caitlin: [00:09:02] I mean, I, uh, I didn't think I was going to be, uh,  put on blast here, but.
Alex Denney: [00:09:06] Oh, no pressure, no pressure. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:09:08] I'm not a director of Shakespeare or anything. 
Caitlin: [00:09:10] Okay. Yeah. Um, uh, okay. 
Alex Denney: [00:09:13] He kinda, he actually is though.
Caitlin: [00:09:15] Oh. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:09:16] Yeah I won a couple awards on the Island for the Tempest Midsummer. Night's dream much to do about nothing. No big deal, but continue. 
Caitlin: [00:09:22] Oh yeah. Um, well I only have one published poem. Um, I'm trying to work.
Alex Denney: [00:09:27] We've got a published author 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:09:28] Published.
Alex Denney: [00:09:28] on the radio, you guys. This is awesome.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:09:31] Great day!
Caitlin: [00:09:32] Yeah, uh.
Alex Denney: [00:09:33] Is this your published poem you're gonna read us?
Caitlin: [00:09:35] Yeah, so this one is limerence, it's really short. 
Uh, it says I'm in love with limerence and maroon from reality, the heart sick air smells less than morning petracore and more like peanut dust and wood varnish. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:09:50] Whoa.
Alex Denney: [00:09:50] That was so nice. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:09:53] I was kind of blown away. 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:09:54] That was beautiful and surprisingly, it smells a lot like the ship.
Alex Denney: [00:10:00] Yeah, my boat does kind of smell like peanut does. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:10:02] Indeed.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:10:02] Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, excuse me. Excuse me. 
Alex Denney: [00:10:05] Oh, hello. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:10:07] Hey, I think you just, you just crashed into my, just crashed into my iceberg.
Alex Denney: [00:10:11] Guys, it happened.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:10:12] Whoa.
Alex Denney: [00:10:13] We crashed into an iceberg. Caitlin, I'm sorry to interrupt us, but we just managed to, to, uh, to come up on their iceberg. There's a, there's a polar bear on the iceberg.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:10:25] Yeah.
Caitlin: [00:10:25] Are you guys okay?
Alex Denney: [00:10:26] I think we're okay, I don't think the boat...
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:10:28] I'll never let go. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:10:29] guys are boating really erratically. 
Alex Denney: [00:10:32] Sorry we were, we're doing anytime. It's a good time to drink a papaya wine on a boat, right? 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:10:39] Are you saying you're B-U, BUI or you're boating under the influence? 
Alex Denney: [00:10:44] Maybe just a little. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:10:45] Oh god.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:10:46] Who is this guy? 
Alex Denney: [00:10:48] These guys are definitely, definitely. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:10:51] Are you cool? 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:10:52] I'm so I'm so cool. I'm actually really hot. I'm sorry. I like turned my head around, but. I'm afraid, like this has been melting, like really fast and I just don't want to move. 
Alex Denney: [00:11:03] Yeah. I mean, I, I say iceberg, uh, Caitlin, th uh, to describe it, it's an iceberg, but it's like a fairly small iceberg, like actually, so there's, there's this polar bear guy. What's your name, polar bear guy? 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:11:13] It's like an ice cube.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:11:14] It's Stu. Stu.
Alex Denney: [00:11:16] Hi Stu. 
So I just met this guy, his named Stu the polar bear. And, uh, the, the iceberg is basically slightly larger than him, 
Caitlin: [00:11:23] hi, Stu.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:11:24] It's really weird.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:11:25] Hi, Caitlin.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:11:25] I always thought polar bears were white, but you're  kind of yellow. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:11:30] Oh, well, uh, you know, after a while, uh, I didn't know where to relieve myself, so I, unfortunately I kind of.
Alex Denney: [00:11:38] Did you consider doing it in the water? 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:11:40] Well, yeah, but I didn't want to, I.
Alex Denney: [00:11:42] You're kind of surrounded by water, Stu. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:11:43] I didn't want to melt the iceberg, which I guess at this point, doesn't really matter. And a little got on me and I didn't hate the color, honestly. So.
Alex Denney: [00:11:51] I mean, it, honestly, it looks nice on you. 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:11:54] It's a good color. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:11:55] Stu.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:11:55] It's very becoming.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:11:56] I have to be honest. I, I, piddled myself too.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:12:00] Oh, oh, well, I guess that makes two of us.
Caitlin: [00:12:03] Wait so you're in the melting ice? *unclear*
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:12:05] Hop up on the boat.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:12:06] Are, are, are you sure? Is that all right? 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:12:08] Of course.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:12:09] Yeah. Come on man. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:12:11] Oh, Oh, thank you. Oh my God. I've been, my, my, my limbs are just, I skipped leg day a couple of times. I'm just, I'm a wreck. Thanks guys. This is awesome. 
Are these chips? *unclear*
Alex Denney: [00:12:26] Glad to...
Jethro, Lemur: [00:12:27] Yeah, go ahead, help yourself. Plus, I's tired of eating fish *unclear*
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:12:30] We're just sitting here, listening to poetry.
Alex Denney: [00:12:32] Yeah. Yeah. We were just listening to a poem by our, our new friend,  on the radio. I have a human friend, Caitlin. I just met and she's a poet 
Caitlin: [00:12:41] nice to meet you. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:12:42] Oh my gosh. So nice to me. Are you, are you on the mainland?
Caitlin: [00:12:45] uh, I'm I'm in LA right now. Um.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:12:48] Oh.
Caitlin: [00:12:49] but uh, glad you're you're doing all right, right. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:12:52] Yeah. Yeah. I'm okay. I kinda, I kinda lost my family and. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:12:56] Oh, no. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:12:57] Yeah. I,.
Alex Denney: [00:12:59] Mmm.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:12:59] So I was going to see maybe if you were like in Greenland or something, maybe you could contact them, but . I don't think I have any relatives in LA. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:13:08] Oh, did you lose them? 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:13:09] we were walking where it was, it was kind of cool. They were actually shooting a, a Coke commercial in my neighborhood, and we were all excited about going to see it. And then I just stepped on the wrong spot. I saw a seal, I just want a little nibble on, I'm not a bad guy or anything.
I'm just, I was just a little hungry and the iceberg broken. And next thing I knew, I. I was surrounded by water and then it just got hotter and hotter and the surface just getting started, getting smaller and smaller and, and then you drunks hit me. Thank God. 

Jethro, Lemur: [00:13:39] This is the first time I've ever heard anyone be happy to be hit by a drunk driver. 

Alex Denney: [00:13:44] Caitlin, I haven't named my boat. Do you have any suggestions? 

Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:13:48] Something poetic. 
Caitlin: [00:13:49] Uh, yeah. Uh.
Alex Denney: [00:13:51] Oo, limerence, that's a nice word. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:13:53] Limerence. 
Alex Denney: [00:13:53] Can we use the word limerence? What does limerence mean? 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:13:55] I was going to ask this. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:13:56] I was going to ask that too. 
Caitlin: [00:13:58] Yeah. So, uh, limerence is basically the, um.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:14:02] Plural of Limerick?
Caitlin: [00:14:04] No. It's basically being in love with the feeling of being in love. Like you kind of are
Alex Denney: [00:14:12] Ah. Oo.
Caitlin: [00:14:15] Liking that feeling of adoring someone, that would be limerence or the like passion or like ardent  feeling of being there.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:14:24] I'm such a limerence.
Group: [00:14:25] Oh. Awh.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:14:26] I'm such a limerence.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:14:28] There, there 
Alex Denney: [00:14:29] Egson's got a, he's got tough luck in love.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:14:33] You've loved and lost and never have to lost and lived that all. 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:14:37] Egson come here, baby. I'm going to give you a soft forehead kiss. Come on.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:14:42] Give me a soft forehe...
Jethro, Lemur: [00:14:44] It's okay.
Alex Denney: [00:14:44] Soft forehead kisses all round.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:14:45] It's fine I'm okay.
Alex Denney: [00:14:46] Would you like a soft forehead kiss? 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:14:48] Yeah, yeah, I would...
Alex Denney: [00:14:49] You can be one of the boys, join us. 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:14:50] Come on. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:14:51] Alright alright, I'll take it. I'll take a soft forehead kiss.
Alex Denney: [00:14:54] Yes.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:14:54] Ah, thanks.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:14:56] Oh, you're so soft and furry. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:14:58] Oh, ohh, stop. I'm ticklish.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:15:02] I love this.
Alex Denney: [00:15:02] I wish you could join us
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:15:03] Caitlyn, yeah.
Alex Denney: [00:15:03] We've got this big cuddly polar bear here on the boat with us. 
Caitlin: [00:15:07] Yeah.  
Alex Denney: [00:15:07] I'd love to sail you back to, Greenland, but.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:15:10] Oh is that not what's happening here. 
Alex Denney: [00:15:12] Well, um, I'm 
not, I got to admit, and maybe this is evident by the fact that I crashed into your iceberg, but I'm not a very good ship's captain.
And it seems no matter how hard I try, cause I was up until not too long ago, shipwrecked on, well, an Island of talking animals, and, uh, I always seem to sail back there eventually as much as I'm trying to sail to get to Los Angeles or somewhere in the human world.
 I can, at the very least get you to the animal Island. Would you be down? 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:15:44] Yeah, that'd be great. I, I guess I could always start a new life, but things, things weren't going great. I mean, we were talking about love and I kind of was seeing a penguin.
 Like she kind of broke my heart. 

Alex Denney: [00:15:58] Oh man. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:15:59] Yeah. 
Alex Denney: [00:16:00] I'm sorry. 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:16:00] Amazing, what kind of a heartbreak you can find floating out in the sea? 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:16:06] Some say it's the best place to get over it, but I'm still a little hurt.

Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:16:10] It takes a rebound, Stu. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:16:11] It takes a rebound, that's right. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:16:14] A penguin bound. 
Alex Denney: [00:16:15] I know some penguins on the animal Island. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:16:18] There you go.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:16:19] You do?
Alex Denney: [00:16:19] Who would probably be... Yeah. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:16:21] Wow. Oh my God. 
You can introduce me? 
Alex Denney: [00:16:26] Oh, I'd totally be happy to introduce you. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:16:29] And uh, maybe Caitlyn can, can write me up like a love poem. 
Alex Denney: [00:16:34] Ooh. Yes, this is great.
Caitlin: [00:16:36] Yeah, I mean, it's definitely possible. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:16:38] Sorry, I don't mean to put you on the spot, but 
Caitlin: [00:16:40] We can maybe, uh, kind of work together and try to cobble something together. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:16:44] Ahw yeah.
Caitlin: [00:16:45] I mean. well, what.
Alex Denney: [00:16:46] Why don't we take a little think break?  we'll take a pause.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:16:49] Great.
Alex Denney: [00:16:49] Do whatever we gotta do. maybe we'll we can take a dip in the water and wash the pee off ourselves. We can. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:16:55] Oh.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:16:55] No, no.
Alex Denney: [00:16:56] Cause considering we did, we did all just hug. We did all just give Stu a big hug 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:17:01] Ayy.
Alex Denney: [00:17:01] And I feel like we're all covered in polar bear urine. So.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:17:04] Can, can I just make the suggestion that we should tie rope around that block of ice? Because I think everyone back in the Island would definitely appreciate some cool ice. 
Alex Denney: [00:17:13] Oh, that's a great, that's a great, do you mind, do you mind? 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:17:16] No, no.
Alex Denney: [00:17:16] I mean, before we, before we volunteer Stu's iceberg, I mean, I guess it is his iceberg.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:17:21] Ah, kind of, kind of, it's more like the Coke corporations iceberg, but yeah, we're tied up and, uh, it's going to melt anyway, so I can't fit on it.
Alex Denney: [00:17:30] Yeah.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:17:30] Stick it to the man.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:17:31] It's a little piece of Coke.
Alex Denney: [00:17:32] To heck with the corporation.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:17:34] Yeah.
Alex Denney: [00:17:36] They don't have jurisdiction in the seas around animal Island.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:17:39] We're in international waters, baby. 

Alex Denney: [00:17:41] we'll be right back. Caitlin. Don't don't don't go anywhere. 
Caitlin: [00:17:44] Yeah.
Alex Denney: [00:17:45] We'll stay connected. 
Caitlin: [00:17:46] Sure. Absolutely.  
Alex Denney: [00:17:49] All right. All right. We're back. We're back. We're clean. Caitlin, you're there?
Caitlin: [00:17:55] Yeah, I'm still here. 
Alex Denney: [00:17:56] we all just took a quick dip splashed around, got all washed off and now we're back on the boat. we've got the iceberg. What's left of it, trailing behind us and hopefully we'll still have some iceberg left by the time we get back to the Island.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:18:10] It's going to be Piña Colada time, baby.

Alex Denney: [00:18:12] Caitlin, do you want to help us try to work out some kind of poem, that Stu can use to attract a new mate or at least a new rebound on the, island?
Caitlin: [00:18:24] Yeah. Um, it, it's funny though, poem seems to kind of match what's going on here. Uh, your Maroons and, uh, you had that situation of being kind of in a, a relationship that didn't really go well and like, I feel like it's kind of meant to be, I guess?
Alex Denney: [00:18:44] Are you giving Stu your poem?
Caitlin: [00:18:46] I don't, well, I mean, we can, we can think of, uh, of  something cause it's, see, uh limerence is state of, being obsessed with someone or being very infatuated and wanting that reciprocated and Stu wants love. I mean, all of you guys are marooned at this time,
Alex Denney: [00:19:05] All of us are marooned in her own way. Like 
all five of us. We're like a maroon five.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:19:11] Maroon five. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:19:12] Five.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:19:13] This luh, limerence, has taken it's toll on me, you said.
Alex Denney: [00:19:18] That penguin said good
Group: [00:19:19] bye, too many times before.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:19:22] Can I try a couple of lines of the limerence. I want to try a couple of lines. 
Alex Denney: [00:19:25] Oh yeah. Uh, Egson's a poet as well, actually.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:19:28] Okay, here it.
Caitlin: [00:19:29] Oh, really?
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:19:29] Wow, wow. 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:19:31] Life is so cold. You're so warm. Egson has a food baby, everyone's warm.
Group: [00:19:41] Oh.
Alex Denney: [00:19:43] Everyone storm on Egson. *unclear*
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:19:48] Take care of my child.
Alex Denney: [00:19:48] Goodnight kisses.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:19:48] Take care of my child. Everyone is a godfather. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:19:49] Oh my God. 
Alex Denney: [00:19:51] I had another idea real, real quick. I was thinking maybe we can, write, a little poem together. We could just try, writing it one word at a time. Like each of us. 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:20:02] Oh. 
Alex Denney: [00:20:02] You know, I'll say a word. And then, Stu says a word and then Jethro says a word. And then, Exxon says a word and then Caitlyn says a word and we can go around in the circle like that.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:20:15] It's like a workshop.
Alex Denney: [00:20:16] And see if we can write a poem together real quick.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:20:19] I love it.
Alex Denney: [00:20:20] What do we think? Let's try. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:20:21] Yeah. 
Alex Denney: [00:20:22] Okay. Uh, love
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:20:26] is 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:20:28] heaven 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:20:30] sent

Caitlin: [00:20:33] polar bear
Alex Denney: [00:20:36] is 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:20:38] the 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:20:40] epitomy 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:20:42] of
Caitlin: [00:20:44] wanting
Alex Denney: [00:20:46] gives 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:20:48] me 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:20:51] passion
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:20:52] and.
Caitlin: [00:20:55] Meaning
Alex Denney: [00:20:58] I'll 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:21:00] always 
Jethro, Lemur: [00:21:03] linger 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:21:06] on
Caitlin: [00:21:08] your 
Alex Denney: [00:21:12] art. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:21:14] Love Stu.
Alex Denney: [00:21:17] Yeah.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:21:18] That's amazing.
Alex Denney: [00:21:20] We wrote an awesome poem.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:21:22] Wordsworth.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:21:23] Wow guys, I couldn't have done it without you. Oh my God. 
Alex Denney: [00:21:26] Caitlin, I feel like you had the hardest job there, uh, in the word order and you did a great job, but of course I knew you would because you're a professional poet. So.
Caitlin: [00:21:38] Thanks.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:21:39] Stu, repeat all that back right now. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:21:41] Sure.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:21:42] Yes.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:21:43] Just kidding , just kidding.
Jethro, Lemur: [00:21:44] Did somebody write it down?
Alex Denney: [00:21:44] Hold on, I give a 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:21:47] Coka-Cola. 
Caitlin: [00:21:49] No. 
Alex Denney: [00:21:50] Darn it. Okay. We'll figure it. We'll remember it. We'll remember 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:21:53] Corperate America. 
Alex Denney: [00:21:55] I'm sure it will be to remember it by the time we get back. But, uh, uh, guys, uh, the, the power's running low on the radio, so  we're going to continue sailing back towards the Island, hanging out with new friends, Stu I think we're going to lose our new friend Caitlin here over the radio.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:22:10] Oh, god, no.
Alex Denney: [00:22:11] I'll have to let you get back to writing more poetry on your own. 
Caitlin: [00:22:14] Yeah, thank you. Um, it it's really getting the creative juices flowing. I'll have to figure out how in the world I picked you up, but, uh, it was nice meeting all of you.
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:22:25] So nice meeting you Caitlin.  
Jethro, Lemur: [00:22:27] Lovely meeting you, 
Egson, Fruit Bat: [00:22:28] You're the inspiration that I needed to Limerence and become the limerence and transcend from this pitiful, pitiful existence, but it's not so pitiful, but thank you.
Caitlin: [00:22:39] Okay, you're welcome.
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:22:40] Yeah great meeting you, Caitlyn. If, if me and the penguin, if it works out, we'll, we'll send you a Christmas card. 
Alex Denney: [00:22:47] Are you into, are you into guy penguins? Because I definitely know a few guy penguins. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:22:53] If they're penguin I'm into it. 
Alex Denney: [00:22:55] Oh, I have some penguins to introduce to you, buddy. 
Stu, Polar Bear: [00:22:58] Oh, great. Oh, this is going to be great. 
Alex Denney: [00:23:01] But in the meantime...
It's time to go, the sun's setting down, the power in my radio is almost run out. So at least for now, I'm here to stay. Maybe I'll get rescued on another day, but we had some fun, we made new friends, and tomorrow is the chance to try again. Until then I'll say, goodbye.
Thanks for hanging out with me on Island Life. Thanks for hanging with me on Island Life. Thanks for hanging out with me on Island Life.
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