Island Life with Alex Denney

S3E2 - Little, Friendly, Brave (w/ The Dering Bros, Walter the Blue Whale, Ellie the Elephant, Tammy the Tarsier, and Sammy the Shrimp)

February 23, 2021 Alex Denney / Rory Dering / Colin Dering / Daniel Amerman / Joy Mamey / Melanie Anne Padernal Season 3 Episode 2
Island Life with Alex Denney
S3E2 - Little, Friendly, Brave (w/ The Dering Bros, Walter the Blue Whale, Ellie the Elephant, Tammy the Tarsier, and Sammy the Shrimp)
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In this week's broadcast from a ship near an island of talking animals, Alex gets fried with  writer-directors Rory and Colin Dering ('Guy the Film', 'The Loyalists') on his radio while out on a boat trip with Ellie the Elephant (Joy Mamey, Impro Studio) and Tammy the Tarsier (Melanie Anne Padernal, 'Bernard and Huey') , until they bump (literally) into Walter the Blue Whale (Daniel Amerman, 'Arrested Developement', 'The Office', 'League of Legends')!

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Credits: Alex - Alex Denney, Colin - Colin Dering, Rory - Rory Dering, Walter the Whale - Daniel Amerman, Ellie the Elephant - Joy Mamey, Tammy the Tarsier - Melanie Anne Padernal, Sammy the Shrimp - Alex Denney, Cover Art - Mattie Schott, Sound Editing - Isaac Balachandran

This episode's suggestion word was "lift", given by Adario Mercadante. We reach out for suggestion words from fans the day before every recording session, so be sure to follow us on social media for the chance for us to use a word you suggest in a future episode!
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Alex: [00:00:03] If anyone can hear me, this message is for you. My name is Alex Denney, and I hope I'm coming through. I do these monthly broadcasts, hoping that they ease your strife. It's archipelago on an adventure in this lonely island life,  archipelago on an adventure in this lonely island life.
I shipwrecked on an island, so many years ago. Made friends with talking animals and finally fixed my boat. Now I sail with them together, as we see the world outside. It's archipelago on an adventure in this lonely Island life, archipelago on an adventure in this lonely island life.
Woo. Yeah, 
welcome to Island life, everybody who might be listening over the radio. I'm Alex Denney. And, uh, I'm here with my friends, Tammy, the Tarsier. Hi, Tammy. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:01:03] Hi Alex.
Alex: [00:01:05] And, uh, Ellie, the elephant. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:01:07] Hey! Oh my gosh. I've missed you so much. It's been a minute. 
Alex: [00:01:13] I know right! Now. I'm so glad to be out on this boat trip with you, both of you. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:01:19] I'm a little bit. Super. How do, How do fish do this? How do they stay? Like aff- like how do they do, I'm terrified that I'm going to sink this boat.
Alex: [00:01:30] Happily, it seems like we're staying afloat. Uh, you know, my, my boat, I'm not good with, like just site measurement, but it always seems to be big enough for almost any of my animal friends who want to join me, which is really nice and convenient. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:01:44] It's remarkable. I'm going to stand perfectly still.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:01:46] Yeah, it seems like it's... so I can't believe you spent like so much time building this and it's like the coolest thing. 
Alex: [00:01:53] Oh, well, thank you very much.  I would only want a boat that I was going to bring my friends onto to be sturdy.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:02:01] Same Seriously. I don't want anything bad to happen to this boat because I'm terrified 
Alex: [00:02:07] oh my goodness
Ellie, Elephant: [00:02:08] like legitimately afraid.
I'm fine. 
Alex: [00:02:11] You're fine?
Ellie, Elephant: [00:02:12] I'm fine, but I'm scared. 
Alex: [00:02:14] Okay. Hey, that's kind of like living, isn't it. Part of living is like being okay learning to live with the fear, 
you know? 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:02:23] Yeah. We're here for you. We're on the journey together. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:02:26] Yes. 
Colin: [00:02:28] What? I don't... what's going on. 
Alex: [00:02:30] I think I hear
Colin: [00:02:31] It sounds like, it sounds like a voice. 
Alex: [00:02:34] Hello?
Colin: [00:02:34] Where's that coming from? Hey.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:02:36] Hi.
Colin: [00:02:37] It's coming from the air fryer? 
Rory: [00:02:38] The air fryer we just bought?
Alex: [00:02:41] Guys we're frying, we're frying.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:02:45] Yass.
Alex: [00:02:45] Yum. 
Colin: [00:02:45] It's making a weird noise guys. 
Alex: [00:02:46] Guys, what's hello, what's cooking? This is Alex Denney broadcasting from my boat near an Island of talking animals.
Uh, who am I hearing? 
Colin: [00:02:55] This is Collin and his brother, Rory. It's weird that you're coming through this fry basket over here, but. 
Alex: [00:03:03] That is weird. I didn't know that fry baskets had a, like speakers on them nowadays. 
Colin: [00:03:07] We just got this machine and I'm not used to it. So maybe it's like another option that I didn't realize.
Rory: [00:03:12] It's the 20th century man. Things are weird.
Alex: [00:03:15] Tammy, Ellie. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:03:16] New friends!
Alex: [00:03:17] Right. 
Colin: [00:03:17] Hey Alex? It's Alex, right?
Alex: [00:03:19] Yes. Yes. It's Collin? 
Colin: [00:03:21] Yes. You mentioned talking animals. Do you mean like muppets? 
Alex: [00:03:27] No. I mean like, actual flesh and blood animals that can talk, 
Rory: [00:03:32] you have a boat with an elephant on it. 
Alex: [00:03:34] Yeah. 
Rory: [00:03:34] How big is your boat?
Alex: [00:03:37] They're big enough.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:03:38] It's like a big boat. I don't, I don't know how it's working. How do you guys do this?

Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:03:43] Yeah. It's like Noah's Ark. 
 Ellie, Elephant: [00:03:45] There's two animals on it.
Alex: [00:03:47] It's it's.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:03:47] Yeah, this is Tammy, the Tarsier. Hi.
Alex: [00:03:50] Yeah. Yep. 
Colin: [00:03:51] Are you cross breeding these animals? 
Alex: [00:03:53] They can do that on their own. I don't, I don't particularly take part in that. I'm just into humans, myself.
Colin: [00:04:00] Interesting. 
Rory: [00:04:00] I don't want to know anything about that. 
Alex: [00:04:02] No, we don't need to talk about it at all. Uh, but tell me a little about yourselves, you guys, uh, uh, what, what do you, what do you do?
Where are we picking you up at? 
Colin: [00:04:10] We are in Los Angeles. We are in the North Hollywood area. It's a town called Valley village. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:04:16] What does your village look like? It sounds quaint. 
Colin: [00:04:19] You would think it would look like an updated village, but it's not really all that fantastic. 

What area like, are you, would, you know, your boat where you guys, like what body of water you guys are in or anything like that? 
Alex: [00:04:30] Probably the Pacific, but I mean, I got in this big storm and shipwrecked, I could have landed in a whole different ocean for all I know. I haven't, no, one's been able to find me for the like eight plus years I've been out here. 
Colin: [00:04:43] Eight years!
Rory: [00:04:44] Wow.
Alex: [00:04:44] Yeah Right.
Colin: [00:04:45] Have you been singing sea shanties? 
Alex: [00:04:47] sing so many sea shanties 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:04:50] Oh my god, sing the one you were just singing before we got on this call. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:04:53] Yeah.
Colin: [00:04:53] Wed love to hear it come one.
Alex: [00:04:55] Okay. Okay. Uh, Oh, swimming and swimming and swimming and swimming. That's fine. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:05:03] Oh.
Alex: [00:05:03] Oh, Hello. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:05:05] Oh. 
Alex: [00:05:07] Oh, no. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:05:08] Watch where you're going. 
Alex: [00:05:09] Oh no. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:05:11] No.
Alex: [00:05:11] Oh, I'm so sorry. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:05:13] Oh.
Alex: [00:05:14] Hello there 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:05:16] Captain? Yeah.
Rory: [00:05:17] What happened?
Alex: [00:05:17] I'm responsible. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:05:19] Well, what were you doing instead of watching where you were going? 
Alex: [00:05:24] Oh, I'm sorry. Collin and Rory.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:05:27] I hope whatever you were doing right then it was really important. 
Colin: [00:05:32] That is a deep voice.
Alex: [00:05:34] Well that's because, uh, Colin, Rory and I accidentally hit a blue whale.
Colin: [00:05:39] Oh, 
Rory: [00:05:40] which part? 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:05:41] Yeah, are you okay?
He hit the tip of my nose. 
Alex: [00:05:46] Oh, I'm so so
Rory: [00:05:47] Oh wow. That's not a good place. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:05:50] We're sorry.
Alex: [00:05:51] I'm so sorry Mr Whale.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:05:52] So sorry.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:05:52] Sorry.
Colin: [00:05:53] We do have some lemon pepper here and a new air fryer. So if he doesn't make it, we can make the best of the situation. 
Alex: [00:05:59] Oh.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:06:00] What?
Alex: [00:06:00] Guys. That's a, that's a little.
Colin: [00:06:03] Just saying the worst, you know.
Alex: [00:06:05] He's right here, guys. 
Colin: [00:06:06] Worst case scenario. 
Rory: [00:06:07] Why are you saying guys? I didn't say that. 
Alex: [00:06:10] Okay. Rory, sorry. Colin. 
Rory: [00:06:12] Thank you. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:06:14] You're talking about frying me?
Ellie, Elephant: [00:06:17] We're not going to let that happen. 
Alex: [00:06:19] We're not going to let that happen. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:06:20] Not letting that happen. 
Alex: [00:06:21] We promise.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:06:21] No, 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:06:22] at first, I thought you were going to air fry, some lemon pepper shrimp, and I was on board, but then
Ellie, Elephant: [00:06:29] oh my god, yum.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:06:30] You're going to fit me in there? How big is that fryer? 
Colin: [00:06:35] It's pretty big. 
Rory: [00:06:36] I mean, it sounds a little hypocritical, you didn't want to be eaten, but the shrimp were okay? I don't know. Just saying 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:06:43] you guys must 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:06:43] They're humanitarians.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:06:44] Have never met an Island shrimp.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:06:48] What's an Island shrimp?
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:06:52] Some of the meanest. Some are the most scary and some of the most ticklish animals in the wild.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:07:04] Aw.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:07:05] That sounds so cute.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:07:07] Not cute. I don't trust anything. That's ticklish.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:07:11] I'm ticklish.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:07:12] Me too.
Alex: [00:07:14] To be fair. I'm I'm pretty ticklish myself. I don't know about you Collin, Rory. 
Colin: [00:07:18] Yeah, we are to be, his armpits are pretty sensitive. 
Rory: [00:07:23] I get it in the knee. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:07:24] Ugh. Can I be honest with you guys? 
Alex: [00:07:27] Sure, please. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:07:28] Safe space. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:07:30] I'm ticklish too and I hate that about myself. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:07:36] Oh.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:07:37] What? Whoa Hey, love yourself. Tickles are a biological response to a happy experience. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:07:48] Yeah. Hashtag self care. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:07:50] I see it as a sign of momentary weakness. 
Rory: [00:07:54] We're on ticklish too, and we're fine with it, you know? 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:07:57] Yeah. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:07:57] Yeah
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:07:57] Yeah. Well, I guess today I'm having a conversation with a bunch of weak people. 
Alex: [00:08:02] You are.
Colin: [00:08:03] I mean, your argument here.
Alex: [00:08:05] You are 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:08:06] Like, emotionally? Yeah. Sometimes it's hard. 
Colin: [00:08:09] We're pretty fragile.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:08:10] Small physically. 
Alex: [00:08:11] My friend. What's your name? I feel like we haven't been properly introduced. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:08:15] Oh, thank you. My name is little Walter. 
Alex: [00:08:23] That's a nice name.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:08:24] I love that name.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:08:25] Hi little walter.
Alex: [00:08:27] Really fits you. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:08:29] Thank you. I get nervous sometimes when I meet new people and you'll think that I'm too small, 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:08:41] um, as an elephant, as an elephant, I just want you to know you are you are killing it. You are hot, you are living, you are fierce. You are, You are a unique individual with authenticity.
Live your truth. I'm here for you. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:08:59] You're beautiful. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:09:00] Thank you. I was born this way. I wear a size 24 pant. 
Alex: [00:09:09] It's whale whale, well, sizes, Rory and Collin. It's different from human sizes. 
Colin: [00:09:14] We just assumed he was a grower, not a shower. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:09:17] I like to think so. 
Alex: [00:09:20] Sure. Nothing wrong with it. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:09:21] Doesn't it depend on the tank you're in.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:09:24] Well, one thing that's interesting about me is that I expand to the size of my tank. 
Alex: [00:09:30] You know, and one thing I remember hearing is it's, it's not about the size of the whale. It's about the motion of the ocean. Am I right? 
Rory: [00:09:38] I feel like we're talking about something different all of a sudden, 
Alex: [00:09:41] I feel like we're all talking about exactly the same thing.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:09:44] Same thing, yeah
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:09:48] So anyway, anyways, my name is little Walter. 
Alex: [00:09:52] Yeah.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:09:53] I think of myself as a tiny whale. And I hate shrimp. 
Alex: [00:10:00] Because they're ticklish or, or no, you said they were really mean too. Huh? 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:10:05] Oh, they always tease me about my tiny waist. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:10:09] Body-shaming, nonsense. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:10:12] I'm nice and  slender.
Alex: [00:10:15] And I mean shrimp.
Rory: [00:10:15] They're probably just like, insensitive and not comfortable with themselves. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:10:19] That's it? Ding. Ding.
Colin: [00:10:21] Hurt people hurt people.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:10:24] Exactly.
Colin: [00:10:24] Little walter.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:10:25] Yeah. It's not about you. Little Walter. It's about them 
Alex: [00:10:28] Wait guys. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I've just, I'm noticing something. I didn't notice the whale that, that I hit. And again, I'm sorry about that. A tiny Walter, but. Just off, in the distance. Is that a tiny rowboat? And then if I look, look closely, is that a tiny shrimp rowing that tiny rowboat?
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:10:53] Oh no, that must be Sammy the shrimp. He's always on my trail 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:10:58] looking at this little guy. Hey, look at this little guy. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:11:02] Oh no, Sammy no, not now. I've just made new friends. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:11:10] Uh, is it the smallest guy in the ocean over here? 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:11:14] Oh, 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:11:15] Hey you guys, you just look at it as small this guys is?
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:11:19] Uh oh.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:11:20] Um, I'm sorry. Are you talking about my new good friend, little Walter or yourself?
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:11:25] Yeah, 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:11:25] I don't know what you're talking about. I'm the biggest shrimp there ever was. I'm humongous! 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:11:30] He's so mean. 
Colin: [00:11:33] I bet he'd melt right into this butter. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:11:36] Hey, wait a second. 
Rory: [00:11:38] It sounds delicious
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:11:41] What are you talking about? Butter. Yeah. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:11:43] Just put him in the air fryer.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:11:45] Yeah. We're talking to people who can literally use the air to fry you up. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:11:49] You. Yeah. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:11:50] And I'm not saying I want that for you, but I'm just saying we know people. Okay. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:11:54] It's an option.
Alex: [00:11:55] Let me dock my little rowboat here. That'd be a, we'd climb up above the side of your little boat. You can fry things in the air? That's crazy. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:12:06] I know right?
Rory: [00:12:07] We could, so you better start being nicer to little willie?
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:12:10] Walter.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:12:11] Walter. Oh my gosh you guys, I was just talking you up. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:12:15] Tiny Walter, come on
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:12:17] Willie's his nickname. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:12:19] Oh little Walter's my full name. Willie is the nickname that the bullies use.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:12:28] Yeah. I called Willie. Okay. But that's like, you know, you can't call my guy, Willie, you know what I'm saying?  I We got a relationship here. 
Colin: [00:12:36] Sounds pretty toxic this relationship.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:12:38] Yeah. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:12:39] I was going to say, I mean, what kind of relationship are you trying to cultivate here? Are you trying to make your "friend" insecure?
Like, what was that about? 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:12:48] Where are you trying to Gaslight? 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:12:50] Seriously. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:12:51] I've just had a goof, you know, you mess with your friends, you know, can take it. He's a, big little guy, right? 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:12:59] Well, it seems like he wants you to stop. Can you respect his boundaries or are you going to keep being a big shrimp in a, in a, in a small personality?
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:13:09] Wait a second. Little walter you don't like when I'm, uh, I call you little? 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:13:17] Sammy, to be honest, sometimes it kind of hurts my feelings and I just wish we could go back to the old days when you didn't pay attention to what I looked like. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:13:31] Ah,
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:13:33] you remember when you used to call me friendly
every day you'd say what a friendly whale. And that made me feel so good. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:13:49] A little water. I, I, I didn't realize that it was affecting your emotional state so much. You know, 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:13:57] I, some days I feel like I'm in a tiny tank and I've been made smaller and smaller to adjust to its size. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:14:05] You saying I've been putting you in a tiny tank. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:14:07] You put me in a thimble size tank. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:14:10] Oh, thimble, that's
Ellie, Elephant: [00:14:12] hold on. Hold on. Let's just let that land for a second. Let's just hear that.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:14:19] I think it landed. That seems like a good amount of landing time
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:14:22] felt that 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:14:23] Felt it, felt it. 
Rory: [00:14:26] It feels good, doesn't it? 

LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:14:27] My thing was expanding to a shot glass. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:14:29] Walter friendly Walter. Oh, look, I got to tell you, man. I, I didn't know. I, you know, was we've known each other since we were, we were kids, right? 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:14:44] Yeah. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:14:45] When we were, when we were kids, you know, we were, we weren't so different in size, you know, 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:14:49] that's true.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:14:50] But then as we started getting older, You just started getting so much bigger than me. I mean, you're always bigger than me, but then you just got to get so much bigger than me. You're bigger than any, anything thing, man. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:15:05] Yeah. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:15:06] You're not a small whale. You're the biggest whale. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:15:10] I'd really wish that you''d focus on my personality though.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:15:13] Say that again. I missed it. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:15:14] I really wish that you'd focus on my personality though. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:15:17] Oh you're right, Gosh, I'm trying, I'm trying to try in here. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:15:21] I need to know what you know about my personality and not just what I look like. Don't say anything about what I look like. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:15:30] Okay.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:15:30] Who am I?
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:15:32] You're the guy, you're the guy who was my best man in my wedding.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:15:37] That's true. That's one thing. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:15:39] You gave a beautiful speech. If a guy who could give a beautiful speech. Yeah. You remember what you said? Yeah. Tell me that one. Part of your well, of your speech at my wedding?
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:15:51] Yeah. When I went ------ and everyone cried. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:15:59] You made me cry right now. Like to make it, the people out of the boat cry. I can't, I can't quite hear over the radio if the guy's over there, but I think that cried too.
Colin: [00:16:09] I'm sorry.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:16:11] Well, and you're brave, even if you don't think you are. You and you're, and you're tough guy, these guys hit you with a boat and you, you just shrugged it off. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:16:24] Yeah, I am tough. I am brave. From now on. I want to be known as brave walter.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:16:36] Oh yeah.
Alex: [00:16:38] Yeah, Brave Walter, Yeah.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:16:40] Brave walter.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:16:41] Brave Walter
Rory: [00:16:41] Gotta get used to it.
Colin: [00:16:42] That's much better than little.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:16:48] I'll call you whatever you want man. Brave Walter  it is. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:16:52] Thank you. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:16:54] You still gonna call me big Sammy, right? 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:16:56] Oh yeah, for sure. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:16:58] Thanks, man. I feel like we've worked through something here who would never would have happened if, uh, this guy had an issue with his boat.

LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:17:08] Yeah, I know. I wouldn't necessarily say that. I wish it happened to me again because let's be fair, it did really sting my nose 
Alex: [00:17:15] and I'm so I'm seriously so sorry about that. I, 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:17:18] I just want to like reiterate, like please watch where you're going when you're piloting a vehicle. 
Alex: [00:17:24] Ah you're you're absolutely right. I 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:17:27] all in all it did work out for the best. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:17:30] cool if I hang out here, keep hanging out with you guys for a little while. I was kind of 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:17:35] Of course Sammy.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:17:36] Lonely you know, rowing out on my own. 
Rory: [00:17:39] How was your wedding Sammy? What did you guys have for, for what was your meal? 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:17:45] Butter. 
Rory: [00:17:46] Butter 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:17:47] Cause you like, like it though? 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:17:49] Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You know, one day I hope to die just slathered in butter.

Ellie, Elephant: [00:17:55] I mean, honestly, Sammy, like dreams can come true. Like keep working toward it. I mean, I, I just say live your live, your truth, live your life. Um, and I mean, these guys over here, they seem like they would love to have you over. 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:18:09] Yeah. 
Colin: [00:18:10] Absolutely.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:18:11] Pretty cool guys. I hope to, uh, you know, I'll maybe I'll start rowing your direction, you know, maybe, uh, we can, get together.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:18:17] No Sammy, no, gonna fry ya. 
Rory: [00:18:22] Hey, that would be your idea little Walter. Brave Walter brave little Walter 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:18:27] Sammy. I have a confession I may or may not have suggested to those guys that they fry you in their air fryer. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:18:35] Wait a second.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:18:36] I wasn't even thinking that, I totally forgot. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:18:40] Well, we were in a fight. And so I put a hit on you. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:18:43] Look 
Rory: [00:18:43] It happens.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:18:44] Oh my gosh.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:18:45] Brave Walter. I don't hold it against you. I, I do hope to die slathered and better, but, but on another day, not today, you know, so, so maybe I'll hold off on trying to row towards you guys for now, but you know, maybe one day when I'm an old trip and, uh, anything's possible.
Colin: [00:19:03] It sounds like a good way to go out. I wouldn't mind. 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:19:06] Yeah. Why not go out delicious, you know? 
Rory: [00:19:07] I would love it. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:19:08] I don't really feel comfortable around Brave Walter anymore. I think he's actually, maybe not the guy who should have defended in the first place. I feel conflicted. 
Alex: [00:19:15] Oh whoa.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:19:17] Wait, wait, hold on a second. I'm brave enough to be able to say when I was wrong. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:19:24] Oh, is that what you did? Or did you just say, did you just admit that you tried to have your friend killed by a couple of people living in North Hollywood, which they both despise, apparently.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:19:34] Those two.
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:19:35] This is getting tense. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:19:36] I know 
Colin: [00:19:38] Yeah I'm sorry, I think the real bully might've been you the whole time. Brave Walter. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:19:43] Oh no. 
Alex: [00:19:45] Well, we're all making a lot of accusations about each other's character here.
And I think Tammy is right. I think 
Rory: [00:19:52] It suddenly turned into Oz here
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:19:54] I'm getting anxious.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:19:58] Yeah, you know, look, hey, I 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:20:04] I'm feeling defensive.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:20:06] Oh no.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:20:06] I'm feeling defensive.
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:20:06] Oh no. Walter calm down 
Colin: [00:20:08] Oh no 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:20:09] Walter 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:20:09] Oh the boat The tank is so big 
Alex: [00:20:11] Oh my god Whoa He's coming down, he's creating a big wave Whoa 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:20:13] Oh my god 
it's so scary in this boat I'm not made for this 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:20:22] Whoa Walter come down. Whoa, Walter, we're 
Colin: [00:20:30] Are you guys okay? 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:20:32] They're in my belly now. 
Alex: [00:20:35] Oh god I Thought it was dark. 
Rory: [00:20:37] That's not so 
Colin: [00:20:38] Hey Walter 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:20:39] Throw us up Throw us up now 
Rory: [00:20:44] Find his, find the part in his throat. 
That'll spew you guys out 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:20:47] This is fun. Look at this. Look. He's a big whale. He, he eats, you know, eats krill. I've gotten caught in his belly a bunch of times. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:20:56] Tammy
Wait It's 
just us 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:21:02] Tammy Who are we 
talking to 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:21:03] I was really confused me for a second. Uh, you just 
let's tickle him 
Alex: [00:21:12] everybody 
tickle. Tickle his tongue
Reach out to the side of the walls of the Tickle tickle tickle 
Rory: [00:21:21] that sounded 
Alex: [00:21:28] We got Rory calling. We just, we just got spat back out of Walter's belly, his mouth. Anyway. 
Colin: [00:21:36] Good Is your boat okay 
Alex: [00:21:37] I was just looking around, but I think like Tammy said, it's pretty sturdy. Huh? 
Rory: [00:21:43] As I live and breathe I have no words 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:21:45] You're really good at building stuff 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:21:46] I just want to apologize again. I probably shouldn't have tried to eat and kill all of you, 
Alex: [00:21:55] Oh man.
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:21:56] And I am brave enough to say when I made a mistake?
Alex: [00:22:04] I'm just glad to be alive. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:22:06] Is 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:22:06] they do is Ellie know.*UNCLEAR I think we should leave. 
Alex: [00:22:10] Yes, I do feel like this is a time where maybe we need a 
Colin: [00:22:14] cancel culture. 
Alex: [00:22:16] Well, 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:22:17] Oh God not cancel culture. Oh, 
Rory: [00:22:21] you brought this on. yourself 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:22:22] This is not a time for unity. In fact, this is the opposite time for unity. I think it's time for the people on the boat.
And the whale and the 
sea, I''ll just say, 
Alex: [00:22:31] yeah, I'll say Walter, at the very least, I do feel like, apologies do take some time. You need to show through your, your actions, not just your words. You're not going to repeat,  harmful behavior again. And so 
Colin: [00:22:43] Yeah Harvey Whalestein 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:22:47] That's my real uncle 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:22:48] Whoa 
Alex: [00:22:49] Oh, wow. 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:22:50] That's your uncle Oh my gosh we made 
-: [00:22:53] really quickly. And the other, 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:22:54] We need to go 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:22:56] Oh, he's not so bad. Just 
get to know 
Alex: [00:22:58] Oh, Walter, we you're, you're digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole with us, buddy. Uh, I feel like it's about,  time. We, we wind this down. We're going to start sailing back towards the Island. I feel like we can all go our separate directions for the day 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:23:12] So I clearly 
have a lot more to learn. I'm ready to be around other animals 
Rory: [00:23:19] We heard this 
like a half hour ago and it didn't change anything. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:23:22] I'd 
just like to apologize, 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:23:25] I'm I'm I'm I'm following you, buddy. Climbed back down in my little row boat.
Ellie, Elephant: [00:23:30] Yeah. Be careful Sammy. You know what?   You're a good guy. I, I, 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:23:35] I appreciate it. You guys just, okay. 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:23:38] Sammy let's go 
Sammy, Shrimp: [00:23:40] Oh, well, okay, Walter. All right, we'll see you guys later. Uh, Well, we'll have to, we're gonna do, we're gonna talk about a lot of things. We all got things that we've got to work on.
Alex: [00:23:53] Bye. You guys, uh, good luck getting back home. Oh, thanks you guys. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, hopefully you guys can, uh, you'll be able to hear me play us out, nice meeting you Rory and Colin. 
Colin: [00:24:07] Nice to meet you too, 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:24:09] Have fun
Alex: [00:24:12] It's time to go the 
sun's setting down The power in My radio is almost run out. So at least 
for me now I'm here to stay, maybe 
I'll get rescued 
on another day, but we had some fun. We made new friends and tomorrow is another chance to try again until then, we'll say good. Bye. Thanks for hanging it out with me on Island Life Thanks for hanging with meon Island Life Thanks for hanging out with me on Island life 
-: [00:25:05] CREDITS Woo.
Alex: [00:25:07] Thanks everybody 
Ellie, Elephant: [00:25:08] That was so fun
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I'm doing my best. Thank you, Alex. And, um, yeah, that's my thing. 
Alex: [00:27:40] Mel 
Tammy, Tarsier (Mel): [00:27:42] Hi, I'm Mel, Melanie and paternal. And I played Tammy. The tarsier. I can be found on Instagram at Melanie and paternal, M E L a N I E a N N E P a D E R N a L. Longest name ever. It's the best. Um, my website is the same and you can watch Bernard and Huey on Amazon prime.
It's with May Whitman and Jim rash. 
Alex: [00:28:10] So cool. And Dan, 
LilWalter, BlueWhale (Dan): [00:28:13] Hey, I'm Dan. I play a little Walter, the, uh, the true victim of this story and, uh, uh, uh, didn't think you'd be that 
when we started, um, And, uh, yeah, you can find me anywhere online at, at Daniel Ammerman. 
Alex: [00:28:29] Awesome. Thank you guys so much. 
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