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Happy Leo Full Moon Lunar Imbolc!

January 28, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Happy Leo Full Moon Lunar Imbolc!
Show Notes

 Dear Beautiful Friends,

Happy Lunar Imbolc, Full Moon in Leo, Wolf Moon, located within Praesope or the Beehive Cluster!

This Full Moon, exact this afternoon (Thursday) features complex dynamics including Sun conjunct Jupiter, Venus conjunct Pluto square Eris and Black Moon Lilith on her approach to the Underworld. 

Aquarius Mercury is slowing to station retrograde on Saturday, January 30--opening a three week window of personal revolutionary introspection.  This also marks a bit of a slow-down in the all planets direct momentum resuming with Mercury's direct station February 20 and continuing through April 27. 

We have divergent energies dancing in tension and harmony through the coming weeks.  With Venus moving into Aquarius on Monday, February 1, we will have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Vesta all in Aquarius.  The  February 11 New Moon produces an extraordinary stellium of 7 planetary bodies in Aquarius.

Aquarius invites detachment, zooming out to see the larger view, and a spirit-oriented perspective.  It is of benefit to take the Eagle view, to remember that beneath all of the messiness and entanglement of our human lives, emotions, triggers, and karmic patterns, we are spirit in a body and ultimately free. 

We also have Venus at her furthest point from the Earth as she prepares to enter the Underworld, or the beams of the Sun on February 14, invisible until about May 5, when she appears as Evening Star. Venus in the Underworld takes us to our depths even as Aquarius invites us to rise into the realms of light, spirit and our multidimensional natures. 

I shared in my podcast a poem recently unearthed by Lainie Love Dalby in our New Year's Retreat, a poem I wrote shortly before my Earth Sky Woman Summit and Podcast.  Enjoy the poem and the podcast and sending much love to each of you. 

For My Sisters and Brothers of Earth and Sky

Drop beneath the surface of things
Sister, Brother of My Heart
Go down to the root of yourself
See and know it for the first time
Make a home for yourself there
Visit often
Make an offering of your tears, words of kindness, sincere compassion
And heartfelt joy
When your life extends from the home root of your soul self
It is true and strong.
You will grow wings, yes
Your spirit will soar, yes
Yet you will remain always sourced in the True Heart of Life
Here you know the thousand things
worth knowing
When from this place you offer
Your words of griefpraise
and the sacred darklight
at the center of your being
the whole world exhales
in great relief
Sky welcomes your outstretched arms
Moon sings for you,
remembering your lost parts
And Stars speak to you once again
in the language of kinship--lovers, sisters, brothers
grandfathers and grandmothers