Earth Sky Woman Podcast

In the Wake of the Aquarius New Moon: When Change Is Upon Us

February 12, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
In the Wake of the Aquarius New Moon: When Change Is Upon Us
Show Notes

Happy Chinese New Year and Aquarius (Now Pisces) New Moon!

In the wake of yesterday's jubilant Aquarius New Moon, and today's Pisces (still New) Moon and Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox, I have been seeking voices and perspectives to help me and us find our way forward with true hearts.

Sometimes I remember elders who influenced me deeply over the years and try to find YouTubes where I can see them and listen to their voices.  Over the past couple of days I have been deeply drawn back to  Joanna Macy.  She is a true elder of our time, at 91 years of age, she is still speaking, teaching, transmitting great wisdom regarding our current age. 

She is a Buddhist and a Deep Ecologist known for the process she developed known as "The Work That Reconnects."  Perhaps more than anyone I know, she creates a container where we can do the necessary work of facing our grief and anguish as we cultivate the heart and compassion to be doulas of a dying age and midwives of what she refers to as "The Great Turning."  Her words in a recent interview:

"I spoke to the sky--I remember looking up at the stars, I wanted them to see us. Not to save us.  I said please see us, to see what happens to a planet when we don't love each other. I thought if we could at least be useful in that way it would make it so much easier to bear.  It would make us an abject lesson to the Universe, or at least our part of the Galaxy," don't you think it would make it easier?"

She has an Aquarius Moon, and when I hear her words and her transmission of a particular feminine Aquarian intelligence we are needing to access in order to see the magnitude of what we face and understand we must take the long view of repairing our broken world. 

Here is the full interview.

In my most recent podcast I share insight into the ongoing medicine of the Aquarius New Moon exact yesterday (Thursday) February 11, the Moon's activation of Venus at the "Death By Intent" or Earth Star Chakra Gate on February 10th, and her entrance into the Underworld on Sunday, Valentine's Day.

I explore the upcoming big transit of next week--and truly this year--with Saturn square Uranus this coming Wednesday, February 17, and Mercury's direct station February 20, which opens a 2 1/2 month window of All Planets Direct until Pluto's retrograde station on April 27.