Earth Sky Woman Podcast

Virgo Full Moon: Spiritual Healing

February 27, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Virgo Full Moon: Spiritual Healing
Show Notes

Happy Virgo Full Moon!

I woke this morning exactly at the Full Moon 2:17 am walking out into the freezing cold of the backyard to see the gorgeous Moon pulsing with a luminous light.  Lately Sirius, the Moon, the Sun and other stars and constellations are transmitting powerful beams of love and awakening, supporting us in our journey of integration, healing, and rising together in this new birthing time following the Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020.

The Virgo Full Moon invites us to find the Sacred within the unified field of grace and love of prayer, meditation, nature and more (Sun in Pisces) while honoring the sacredness of the material and the particular in the world around us... honoring for example, personally, the many songs, the great beauty and particularity of all the birds making their voices and presence known on the lands around me here in Central Missouri in these first hints of spring.

 I recently watched a wonderful presentation by Divine Harmony, a fellow Astro Hub astrologer who has been doing extraordinary work among other things to marry astrology with the very grounded and skillful shadow work as presented by Robert Augustus Masters.

She makes the case that we truly have moved into the Age of Aquarius (honoring that this is a larger movement not just something happening overnight) made a call to honor the feminine that has been so strongly at the core of my own spiritual awakening.  I felt resonance with a true sister and will be interviewing her soon so stay tuned!

I was moved by her willingness and enthusiasm to use the tools, the practice and studies in her life (astrology, Egyptian spirituality, shadow work, devotion to the feminine etc.) to craft a vivid and compelling story of meaning and purpose and transformation for humanity.   I feel this is vital work for many of us--to use all at our disposal to tell a new story that dignifies the depth and breadth of what we are facing and creates a space for miracles, for transformation, and meaning to be found and catalyzed.

We are living in a vacuum where the old story is simply not holding up and for various reasons we have an opening where we can use our personal and collective imagination, the Cosmology of our current age, wisdom from our elders and the wise youth among us (and from our own hearts and process of anamnesia--remembering what our souls already know).

And while Venus, the "New World Storyteller" is undergoing her great purification and renew in the beams of the Sun--meaning that this is what we are ALL at some level experiencing, now is the time to nourish ourselves with deepest springs of spiritual nurturance and truth so the story we tell come this spring as Venus rises as Evening Star, the stories we tell individually and collectively have coherence, great heart, and living truth as their foundation.

The work Cayelin Castell and I have been doing with Inanna and the Venus Cycle, particularly in this Gemini Venus Cycle where we are collectively (120 of us now) dreaming into the New World Story we wish to live within and animate in our lives.   With Venus in the Underworld (beams of the Sun) now, we will be initiating the Evening Star portion of the journey in May, you can Enroll Here.

I share more personally in this podcast, which is one of my favorite so far, and in which I share some of the wonderful humans and collectives I have been working with over the past month:

Ron Young (sign up for meditation series and I recommend giving a donation also):

Esi Wildcat:

I announced also a NEW COURSE I am so excited to begin March 11--a Three Part Lunar Dreaming Series.  My next email will detail this course and be sent out tomorrow or Monday!