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Into the Fertile Stillness: Two Week Pisces New Moon Report

March 13, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Into the Fertile Stillness: Two Week Pisces New Moon Report
Show Notes

 Dear Soul Family,

I write to you in the heart of the fertile stillness just hours after our exact Pisces New Moon.  A gentle presence has been settling our hearts, a subtle reorganization bringing greater internal peace and coherence.

Though the Moon moves into Aries later this afternoon, Venus in Pisces is conjunct Neptune at 10:08 pm Central tonight and remains in Pisces until the 21st, the Sun remains in Pisces until March 20, and Mercury moves into Pisces on Monday , March 15 remining in the sign until April 3.

So in the coming weeks, we continue to experience the great Dreaming field and an undercurrent inviting, at the higher octaves, states of great trust and flow.  We are able to access this higher spiritual state most easily when we are able to bear practice self compassion and allow full feeling and embodiment.

This time of nurturing stillness arrives  in the wake of many moments where the internal pressure feels like too much, as if we will burst as we outgrow our old states of being, our old frequencies.  Growing and giving birth to ourselves is seldom a pretty process, in fact we often show up as a big mess on the surface as we transition into a new way of being--so do not sabotage your transformation!

From the perspective of the Venus Cycle, we are in the Chrysalis until May 6, and even then and for the first months of so of the Evening Star Venus Cycle where she is faint and dim and still far from us, having gone through an all encompassing underworld initiation and purification period, our wings are tender and we are in need of great care and presence with our emergent new states of being. 

If you can create pockets of space for yourself this weekend and through the weeks to come open and receive the benefit of this still point moment available to us now, it will nurture you and strengthen you at the root, giving you fortitude and core strength to navigate coming months of greater fire and action in the world. 

Venus Cycle Contribution to the Whole Story

Just as we have three days of life-giving dark and stillness surrounding the New Moon, just as winter offers 3 months respite and deep restoration in the season of the Sun, so does Venus, the third brightest celestial being in the sky, have her period, in this case 45 days, of
slowing down, returning to Source for renewal.

At the moment, we find ourselves in the heart of the Pisces New Moon cycle with the Sun continuing its passage through Pisces until the Equinox March 20, and as mentioned above the Venus Underworld cycle until early May. 

We have heard from so many spiritual teachers and elders that this time we are in since Covid is of necessity a time for us to learn to turn inward and find the inner master, our true nature, our contact with Source from within.

More in this latest podcast on the Pisces New Moon and how to best navigate the coming two weeks!