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Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittiarius

May 25, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittiarius
Show Notes

Dear Soul Family,

Happy Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius!  This eclipse is active from 4:45 am to 7:52 am Central, with totality lasting over 14 minutes from 6:11 to 6:26 am.   Like all lunar eclipses this is an accelerated time portal where our focus of attention is amplified.  This is a Super Eclipse with the Moon near perigee at its closest to the Earth this year.

This Lunar Eclipse is epic in scale according to Toltec wisdom keepers, fully launches us into the Age of the Sixth Sun where we shift into a more yin or feminine period, a "Night" Sun, where reality becomes malleable for us as we reclaim the art and skill of the masterful dreamer.

This is a very potent Dreaming Moon, a Moon of highest spiritual vision with Mercury and Venus conjunct and square to  Neptune, Mars trine Neptune, and of course Jupiter in Pisces.  Add to that Mercury slowing to station retrograde this Saturday and we can feel that this is a time of high magic where more than ever we influence the mysteries as much as they inform us. 

If you can make space for your form of meditation/spiritual practice at least for the 14 minutes of totality or ideally for as much of the near three hours of the full eclipse this is a very potent portal to seed your intentions for the the coming years--especially the next four years.  

This Eclipse is with the South Node so It is a time to lighten your load, consciously releasing old dogmatic patterns of belief, especially those where you give your spiritual authority over to sources outside yourself.  

Where have you been in spiritual servitude, taking in the toxins of free floating shame or guilt making yourself bad and in so doing separating yourself from Source?  I have come to see in myself that when I judge myself or others I immediately create a divide between myself and my innate innocence, power, and spiritual knowing.  

It's time to sense and feel in your physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual, psychic bodies where you have accumulated heaviness and stagnancy and to use movement, prayer, mindfulness, dance, music making, shaking, prayer, ceremony to fully and complete release excess... and to commit yourself to regular practices to continually keep your energy free and clear. 

This is ultimately a Moon for rejuvenation, for deep restoration, so take time tomorrow and even tomorrow night, where it remains in the Full window and is with Galactic Center. 

Enjoy much more in this podcast beamed from Cozumel, Island of the Moon Goddess Ix Chel! 

Enjoy much more in this podcast beamed from Cozumel, Island of the Moon Goddess Ix Chel.