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Eclipse Waves: What We Value

June 10, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Eclipse Waves: What We Value
Show Notes

The Annular Solar Eclipse (Super New Moon) at 19 Gemini 47 was exact this morning at 5:53 am Central setting the tone for the coming month and closing the eclipse season.  We continue to feel the reverberations of the eclipse over the coming days and also the upcoming Saturn square Uranus activation exact this coming Monday evening, June 14,

The Saturn Uranus square, which is arguably the biggest guiding transit of 2021, has three exact hits and Monday's is the second.  Themes emerging from that square mirror the Moon Venus Sacral Chakra Gate activation tomorrow (Friday) evening--a deep and total reorganization of how we do money and economy is underway currently as the leading edge of evolution for human society.

Completion of our eclipse season does not mean the intensity of our times lessen, in fact the astrology over the coming month is incredibly complex and dynamic, continuing to call us to tend to what we most deeply value, continue returning to our bodies, to the present moment, to practices that have us seeing, living, breaking the New Earth reality as if it is already so (because it is).

Some of the highlights over the coming month include the following:
Mercury Retrograde continues through June 22 when it stations direct
June 10, Thursday, (tonight) Mercury at Cazimi, conjunct the Sun
June 11, Friday, Mars enters Leo and Moon meets Venus
June 12, Saturday, Venus square Chiron
June 13 Sunday, Sun square Neptune
June 14 Monday, Saturn Square Neptune
June 15 Tuesday, Moon conjunct Regulus
June 17 Thursday, First Quarter Moon in Virgo
June 20 Sunday, Summer Solstice, Jupiter Stations Retrograde
June 21 Monday Venus trines Neptune
June 22 Tuesday, Mercury stations Direct
June 23 Sun Trine Jupiter, Saturn Sextile Chiron

Learn more in this podcast and Happy Gemini New Moon Eclipse!