Earth Sky Woman Podcast

Happy Aquarius Full Moon!

July 23, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Happy Aquarius Full Moon!
Show Notes

Dear Soul Family,

How are you faring dear ones?  Tonight's radiant 1 Aquarius 26 Full Moon exact at 9:37 pm Central invites us to elevate and amplify the truest visions of our hearts.  No Aquarius bypass allowed--Pluto's influence can be seen quite literally in the Moon's blood-red hue here in the U.S., reflecting the devastating fires in our beloved northwestern forests. 

We are living in a time to allow our grief and love to propel us ever more deeply and firmly into the passionate purpose of our lives.  When we are living through such massive and radical restructuring within our being, our lives and our outer world, our souls yearn for full engagement with what is ours to do, and a very steady releasing of all that is nonessential on the path. 

This first of two Aquarius Full Moons we revisit visions seeded at the Grand Conjunction on December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn met near this exact same location in the sky.  This is known as the "Guru Moon" among some Buddhists, Hindus and Jains who recognize it as a time of high ceremony to raise the consciousness of the collective.  

Over the coming weekend we will see the Moon join Saturn and Jupiter in the morning sky and feel it trigger the Saturn Uranus square.   Can you develop the muscle of perceiving miracles coming alive around you every day? Can you learn to look at your immediate world and the planet as a whole and imagine the most vibrant possible future twenty years from today?  

A dream I have carried since I was very young was of a time where humans would restore our ecosystems and bring back great biodiversity of species.  Where it would become normal for everyday people to love and cultivate native plants and herbs, speak to the stars and Sun and Moon like relatives and care for all wild creatures regardless of our perception of how they can serve our material needs. 

I see this reality coming alive around us more and more every day.  Alongside the very real breakdown, the earth and we ourselves are in a process of remembering which I believe, down to my bones, is reweaving us back into the fabric of creation, healing our painful habit of separation, helping us become intimate with our own souls, each other, and our beautiful Earth family. 

More in my podcast, enjoy the beautiful Aquarius Moon!