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Happy Leo New Moon and Lion's Gate!

August 08, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Happy Leo New Moon and Lion's Gate!
Show Notes

   Happy Leo New Moon and Lion's Gate Soul Family!

What a gorgeous time, filled with magic and  still in the Astrological Solar Cross Quarter of Lammas/Loughansah exact yesterday with the New Moon square Uranus preparing to station retrograde, so close to the Earth and very powerful. 

Today's "Lion's Gate" portal is associated with the numerology of August 8 yet also the heliacal rise of Sirius.  Our brightest and most magical star, sacred to the Egyptians, is now visible rising in the east across the northern hemisphere. 

August 11 is a power date for several reasons including that it is the day Sirius becomes visible to most. It is also the peak day for the beloved Perseid Meteor Showers, and also features the crescent Moon activating Venus at the Heart Chakra Gate. 

Also following the theme of Heart this month  Mercury then the Sun join Regulus, the heart of the Lion constellation over the coming weeks,  and the Lunar South Node joins Juno, planet of right relationship and the sacred origins of money.

With Venus at the Heart Chakra gate moving into Libra by August 22, Juno with the South Node and Uranus stationing retrograde Thursday August 19, we are waking up to unhealthy relationship dynamics and making radically new choices to relate from our love and with heart rather than from fear and insecurity.  

We are becoming conscious of and liberating ourselves from ancient cultural programming around marriage and relationship breaking the chains of co-dependence and all the ways we compulsively agree to be smaller than our grand and beautiful selves in order to fit in the box of conventional relationships.

Leo New Moon asks--in your closest relationships with family members, friends or beloveds are you dimming your light and holding yourself back so as to be loved?  Are you overtly or covertly asking them to limit themselves and become smaller as well so as not to make you feel uncomfortable or compelled to grow?

It is time for us to banish these old models and say to ourselves and to our beloveds--I will shine the light of who I am with grace, joy, and exuberance and I would be delighted if you did the same!! Then and only when we give ourselves and our beloved others full permission to be ALL of who we came to be can we know who and what is right for us. 

Another big theme--we've been seeing it everywhere--is a radical restoration of the sacred dimension of money thanks to the Juno South Node conjunction.  Juno Moneta was a Roman Goddess in whose temples the original money minting processes were initiated.  

We are collectively invited to participate in a massive money paradigm healing shift to transform our scarcity model into one of abundance and thriving for all beings, and in service to Gaia's wholeness and wellbeing as well. 

Much more in my podcast dear friends, Enjoy!!