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Happy Full Blue Moon in Aquarius!

August 21, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Happy Full Blue Moon in Aquarius!
Show Notes

Dearest Soul Family,

The Aquarius Full Moon is exact at its latest degrees tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 7:02 am, rapidly moving into Pisces as the Sun moves into Virgo conjunct Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, also tomorrow morning. 

This is the second of two Aquarius Full Moons over the past month and that plus the Uranus station.  It has simply become unbearably painful to remain stuck in old habits of and addictions.  What we must surrender now is our habit of trying to control and manage all of life for fear of experiencing pain and loss.   
To choose the way of connection and care is a radical act in these times of rapid and unrelenting change.  Our nervous systems may feel ragged and exhausted.  Practice gentleness toward yourself and others.   Turning toward what hurts as a loving witness softens what might feel impossible to bear, and makes of our hearts a safe harbor.

I share much more in my podcast about the next two weeks as I sat beneath the beautiful oak tree, with monarch butterflies drifting past and two deer in the meadow.   I decided to offer something I've never offered before--for a week beginning this next Tuesday, I will be offering 20 minute Earth Sky sessions.

I will be out on the land, in the garden, in the field, forest or by the creek as we talk.  You bring to me a burden, question, dream or burning dilemma.  Together using your chart and the divination of Earth and Sky we will find the most magical activation, healing, integration or release for what you bring.

Enroll at this link and receive further instructions! 

Happy Beautiful Full Aquarius/Pisces Full Moon!