Earth Sky Woman Podcast

Blooming in Darkness: Blood Moon in Aries

October 20, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Blooming in Darkness: Blood Moon in Aries
Show Notes

 Happy Aries Full Blood Moon Beloved Soul Family!

We bloom in darkness these coming two weeks, descending into the Death, Magic and Ancestral Healing Portals of the Pluto/Scorpio realms and Samhain Cross Quarter.

This morning the Aries Blood Full Moon is exact at 9:57 am central squaring Pluto (Sun Mars and Mercury also square Pluto this week), initiator of the Death Mysteries.  

Over the coming week Sun, Mars and Mercury move into Scorpio--and we open to the primal aliveness and potent magic of the Scorpio Season.  

From October 31 to November 7 we are in the Cross Quarter Threshold of Samhain, Day of the Dead and All Saints Day--where the veils thin between ourselves and our beloved Dead awakening our Ancestral Line.

Mars remains in the Underworld--the beams of the Sun--until around November 23 where he rises as Morning Star in Scorpio, Warrior Initiate who has died to his old pattern of loving death and war more than life,  coming into his full power as Peacemaker and Guardian of Mother Earth.

Mercury and Jupiter both stationed direct last Sunday/Monday and we now have 6 planets moving direct--surrender to the flow of where life wants to take you. We look our monsters directly in the eye. We wrestle with our Beloved Angel of Death, surrender to his embrace and find our lust for life. 

It's all about the squares in the coming week with Sun, Mars and Mercury square Pluto this week and next week Venus square Neptune and Sun square Saturn. Squares compel us to learn through discomfort, edges, tension and finally release. What feels like a crisis is an opportunity to break free from stagnancy and change in big and lasting ways. 

Venus in Sagittarius at the Third Eye Chakra continues to open our oracular sight.  The aquare to Neptune might precipitate a crisis or conflict where we must choose Truth sourced in Divine Insight and unconditional love rather than preferences sourced in fear of loss or change. 

Until we make this choice, confusion reigns and we cannot access the full personal power, aliviness and clarity offered to us in this Scorpio/Pluto season.