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Total Solar Eclipse and Venus Exalted

December 03, 2021 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Total Solar Eclipse and Venus Exalted
Show Notes

The Total Solar Eclipse only visible in the Antarctic Peninsula and the southernmost tip of South America and Australia is at totality at 1:33 am Central Saturday morning, December 4.  The partial eclipse opens at 1:00 am and completes at 2:06 am with the full eclipse lasting nearly an hour and totality lasting nearly two minutes. 

The next Total Solar Eclipse will be in 18 months. 

This  Sagittarius Eclipse activates Antares, the Royal Star of the Scorpion  Constellation and Mercury is aligned with the Great Attractor so the potency of our thoughts and words is increased and we can  connect to our own Royal Heart--more in my podcast.

Venus at Greatest Brilliancy

As if the Eclipse weren't enough, tonight,  December 3 Venus is at her greatest brilliancy.--brightest to us--in the Evening Sky TONIGHT.  She will of course remain very bright through the coming week as she begins her descent to the horizon over the coming month. 

Also look for her Sunday night December 6 with the crescent moon "on her throne" as the gorgeous Love Goddess she is in her brightest Evening Star apparition.

Venus is the Earth's Twin or Mirror being the same size as Earth, same composition, and spinning in the opposite direction.   

There are many riddles inherent in her nature and cycles but one we have been experiencing and most powerfully today is the fact that when she is in her crescent phase (yes, planets also have phases like the Moon), she appears brightest to us. 

She is completing her Gemini Evening Star Phase which began in May this year.  Over that period of time she has met the Moon 7 times and in the tales of the Great Goddess Inanna this means she has reclaimed her Seven Great Powers including her Crown of Sovereignty and now sits on her throne fully exalted.

The Sumerian priestess and scholar Enheduanna devoted her life to writing praise poems to Inanna/Venus.  Take note that Inanna was a Goddess of War as well as of Love.

For this reason and because there were distortions in the cultures she emerges from such as systems of power over and glorification of war, I have taken the liberty of changing the words in the final stanzas to honor her new evolving and perhaps ancient nature as one who empowers EACH of us regardless of social status or rank, to claim our FULL ROYALTY and shine our light, stand for Peacemaking and contribute to the healing of the whole. 

If you speak these words aloud in addressing the Great Love Goddess in the Sky, the Great Queen who has regained her throne, realize she lives IN YOU whether you are in a male body, a female body, or a body defying labels.

Lady of all divine powers,

Lady of the all-resplendent light,

Righteous Lady clothed in heavenly radiance,

Beloved Lady of the Sky God and the Earth Mother

Mistress of heaven with the holy jeweled crown

Who loves the beautiful headdress befitting the office of her high priestess,

Powerful Mistress who has seized all seven divine powers,

My lady, you are the guardian of the seven divine powers!

You have seized the divine powers,

You hold the divine powers in your hand,

You have gathered up the divine powers,

You have clasped the divine powers to your breast!

Like a dragon you have cast your bright light upon all the lands

When you claim your right to embody and shine on the Earth at this time, all will feel the power of your divine love emanating from within themselves.

Your love so fiery and yet so sweet, offering sacred waters to heal all the dry scorched lands.

O Mighty Lady of Earth and Sky you will help them to remember and Goddess of Love, the Goddess of personal Sovereignty, the Feminine Divine Rising to Bring our World Back into Balance.

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