Earth Sky Woman Podcast

Cancer Wolf Full Moon Opposite Pluto: Yin Alchemy

January 17, 2022 Tami
Earth Sky Woman Podcast
Cancer Wolf Full Moon Opposite Pluto: Yin Alchemy
Show Notes

 Happy Cancer Wolf Full Moon Dear Ones,

We are in another grand portal of magic, miracles and full feeling with this Cancer Full Moon (exact tonight, Monday January 17 at 5:50 pm central) opposite Pluto, in the Venus Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde period, with Uranus stationing direct tomorrow and the Lunar Nodes shifting from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio--something that only happens every 18.6 years!

This is a period where the yin approach of creating greater space for stillness, time in nature, meditation, journaling, self reflection, daydreaming, nurturance of self and other will yield the greatest benefits over time.  As will simple messing around just for the fun of it with no agenda except to try new things that make you smile!

As a dear friend of mine, intuitive Julie Brown remarked so wisely in a chat last week, the new year doesn't REALLY begin until the Chinese New Year in early February (which of course is also the Imbolc/Candemas Cross Quarter).

I hope you have had some time to slow down, to refresh and reflect, to nourish your body, your soul, your psyche and your heart.  If you have not yet, please consider doing so. It will benefit you so greatly in your ability to truly offer yourself over this coming year. 

It may seem paradoxical but in the midst of this larger period of continued reflection and integration of 2021 and visioning into 2022 and beyond, we also have Venus rising as Morning Star now so it IS important to INITIATE.  I see it as planting the first seeds of our visions, beginning to set in motion the larger plans we won't fully launch until February or beyond.

We are invited to move ever more fully into trust and flow, allowing Spirit to inform us of next steps as they arise, taking steady actions yet simultaneously continuing the undercurrent of deep self care, listening, reflection and building our energy for the months to come.

Missing the Last Podcast and Celebrating Accomplishments!

It was delicious, and a bit of a stretch!--to take a pause from the podcast and bi-monthly emails for the Capricorn New Moon, as I was in need of deep integration. This was the first break I have taken from the podcast since I began in April of 2020--since that time I have published 50 podcasts and received 16,600 downloads!  Woo HOO! Celebrating that and feeling so much gratitude for all of you out there for listening and sharing!! I am so grateful to you!

I also realized I have been publishing a regular newsletter now always at least twice a month *(initially weekly!), since 2008--that is 14 years this year!  I feel proud and happy to have been able to offer this to you for all these years and grateful beyond measure for the privilege and honor. 

I am in a phase of much internal and external change where I am listening ever more deeply to the call of Spirit.  What I know for sure is more collaborations, new offerings as Spirit calls, and more on the ground weaving of Earth community here in Missouri and in travel across Turtle Island.

Stay tuned and I share much more in my Podcast here!