The Misophonia Podcast
The Misophonia Podcast
Jul 01, 2020 Season 2 Episode 10
Adeel Ahmad

Ella is a high school student in Washington State and we talk about life at school, her miso origin story, meeting Dr. Marsha Johnson, ADA accommodations and her plans for the future.
Shout-out to the 2020 Misophonia convention! This is the annual convention I sometimes talk about which was actually the place I thought of starting this podcast. It was going to be in Philadelphia this year but it’ll be all online now. This is the annual event where they have speakers going over all the latest research, coping strategies, legal topics about workplace accommodations, advice for families, and lots of other great topics for us. Registration is open at
Another shout-out to Andrew Crandall Design, a photographer and graphic designer, and guest #2 of the podcast. Andrew sells products with his work on them and you can. Find him on the web and Instagram. Every week I will promote another business from the Miso List, a directory of businesses owned by misophones. Submit your own there too!



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Note on audio: Each episode is edited to remove as many obvious triggers as possible. A layer of brown noise is also added to help mask triggers too.

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