The Misophonia Podcast
The Misophonia Podcast
Aug 05, 2020 Season 2 Episode 15
Adeel Ahmad

Christos is yet another resident of England, though originally from Greece. We talk about everything from metalcore music, telling our friends and partners about miso, anxiety attacks, mandatory army duties in Greece, and how to badly injure your hand when punching a door after a trigger. 

I want to do a shout out from Misolist again, this week it’s RescueSquad Design, a Creative Services Agency with 25 years of experience in theatre production and directing, writing, design, eBook and print publishing, events, artifact crafting, experience creation, and much more. We especially enjoy bizarre and unusual creative projects. They are one of many misophone-owned businesses you can find at Miso List.  


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Note on audio: Each episode is edited to remove as many obvious triggers as possible. A layer of brown noise is also added to help mask triggers too.

Music: "jltf" by Moby, courtesy of

Disclaimer: The contents of this podcast should not be taken as medical or therapeutic advice. The opinions expressed are solely of the host and guest.