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Overcoming The Mind

Joey Randazzo

Authentic and intimate weekly interviews with successful entrepreneurs about their mental health struggles & triumphs. This podcast is designed to help you become a part of community around mental health & entrepreneurship, let you, as a business owner, know that they’re not alone, give you common entrepreneurial mental health pitfalls to avoid, and provide you with strategies that have helped other motivated entrepreneurs overcome mental health challenges.You’ll learn about different tips, strategies, and lifestyle changes have helped entrepreneurs improve their mental health - including: psychedelics, morning routines, medication, meditation, deep breathing, business automation, psychotherapy, gratitude, workout routines, marketing best practices, community development, and more. You’ll also hear in real-time from Joey Randazzo, the host of this podcast, about his mental health journey and his guinea pig self-experiments to find what works best for him. Hit subscribe to join our community.

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