Episode 1 Introducing Wormcasts and its hosts

October 30, 2019 Susan Swaney and Ian Campbell Season 2019 Episode 1
Episode 1 Introducing Wormcasts and its hosts
Show Notes

Susan and Ian introduce themselves and discuss what they see Wormcasts providing for the listeners. This introduces the ParaBoss podcasts and its hosts, Dr Susan Swaney (Technical Manager ParaBoss, former Technical Services Manager Virbac, Veterinary Officer Falkland Islands and mixed practice veterinarian) and Ian Campbell (farmer, former Director Department of Agriculture Falkland Islands, sheep extension officer DPI Victoria and researcher Mackinnon Project University of Melbourne).
The podcasts will cover worms, flies, lice and ticks and their management in sheep, goats and ultimately cattle.
The podcasts will include interviews with experts and farmers describing management issues and how they were overcome.

Email your feedback or topic suggestions: wormcasts@paraboss.com.au

Ian's limerick
These are some podcasts for farmers
You can listen in boots or pyjamas
Any time, night or day
While you’re feeding out hay
Or off to the pub to get parmas

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