Mandible Judy

Mandible Judy- S03E02

December 15, 2020 DamianL, Inc. Season 3 Episode 2
Mandible Judy
Mandible Judy- S03E02
Show Notes

Bonnie has a disturbing dream, Frank, Connor and Isabella make plans and Casey, Petra and Hedgie have a run in with the "Cult of the Blue Frog."

Season 3 Cast:
Bonnie Galliard- Erin Lillis
Marco Mazzanti- David Steele
Catherine Rudolph- Lee Eddy
Connor Darcy- Mike Hall
René Kaderbeck- Noa Graham
Casey Handleman- John Constantine
Eamon Carver- Marc Devaney
Uncle Wally- Chris Burke
Kenny Howard- Gabriel Hicks
Frank Howard- Gary Scales
Dr. Schifano- Giulia Nervi
Dr. Nobili- Bonnie Bogovich
Judy Kaderbeck- Tamara Yadao
Uncle Pate- Bob Lukomski
Magnus Becker- Graham Rowat
Field Commander Brady- André Martinez
Petra- Tamara Yadao
Hedgie- Glenn Graeber
Officer Dalton- Billy Priess
Nick Mazzanti- Ty Anderson

Amanda Walston- Amanda Goodman
Phil Thacker- Vinay P. Nariani
Keating- Michael Donelan
Cult Member- Ken Applebaum
Cult Member- Adam Seats

Music by glomag

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