Photography, It's not all about the gear... is it?

February 04, 2022 Kevin Ahronson Season 1 Episode 9
Photography, It's not all about the gear... is it?
Show Notes

Episode 9: Photography, it’s not all about the gear… is it?

I confess, I am a bit of a gear-head. 

Over the years I have collected lots of cameras, lenses, filters, accessories and loads and loads of lighting gear.  Prior to the COVID pandemic I would upgrade my camera every time a new model come out, convinced I needed the latest technology to take the best photos.

If one good thing came out of lockdown for me, it was the forced restraint on my spending.  Like most people running their own business, we were closed (or at least working under reduced numbers) for nearly two years.  My own situation was made worse as I went through cancer treatment during the summer of 2021, extending my period of isolation.

Here we are in February 2022 and things are showing signs of returning to normal (mindful that should another COVID variant be discovered, this could all change in a heartbeat).

Remaining optimistic, I am relaunching the Tog-Talk podcast exactly two years after the last one was first broadcast.  Tog-Talk (photographers in conversation) will engage photographers of all types and all levels of experience (not just the experts, but ordinary amateurs too… who also have valuable experiences to share). 

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Founder of HSP, Kevin Ahronson, also offers private mentoring to a small number of people each year, as his busy schedule allows

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