This Planet Needs a Name

1.03 A Many-Splendored Thing

March 22, 2020 Evan Tess Murray & Trace Callahan Season 1 Episode 3
This Planet Needs a Name
1.03 A Many-Splendored Thing
Show Notes

In Episode Three, “A Many-Splendored Thing,” we meet the Design Team, who are finally awake and learning what they’ve gotten themselves into; Cyrus requires James’s assistance with a science project; and Quill heads upstairs to check on the algae vats and for, obviously, absolutely no other reason involving Mandry at all. We learn more about Mandry, the relationship between Kolian and Zei, and what Zahava really feels about all of them.

The transcript is available here.

Content Note:  this episode includes a discussion of an emotionally abusive relationship from the perspective of a survivor [40:35 - 42:19]. It also mentions a pandemic in the context of in-universe fiction [33:20 - 34:15]. And, as always, there is some swearing. A lot of it really. 

This is a collaborative, ensemble project. Many of the character decisions are made by the actors as part of the story and script development process. Please check out the links below for more of their work:

And introducing Nerys Howell, currently voicing Nessa the Doctor Detective.

The promo at the end of this episode is for With Caulk and Candles, a delightful show we hope you’ll check out. 

Our podcast art was created by Katy Schifferer. Check out her work!

A great deal of this episode was written and edited at Candy’s, an LGBTQ+ community space in Portland, Maine. Check them out at  Candy’s is closed due to the state of emergency and may struggle to re-open; they could use help right now.

We found a delightful new book by a queer and trans author - check out FINNA by Nino Cipri!  They also have a short story collection out. You can buy their work through, which benefits local bookshops!  It's a bit tricky to just go pick it up in person right now, after all. Or, if you want the ebook, check out this page from the publisher. 

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