This Planet Needs a Name

1.05 Recklessly and Perfectly Alive

January 03, 2021 Evan Tess Murray & Trace Callahan Season 1 Episode 5
This Planet Needs a Name
1.05 Recklessly and Perfectly Alive
Show Notes

In Episode Five, “Recklessly and Perfectly Alive,” we get to explore a forest at long, long last. The crew attempt to learn James’s favorite sport, with minimal success. Conflicts are resolved, new surprises are encountered, and quite a lot of hairs are cut. This one’s sweet! 

Content Notes: very few this time! As usual a few people swear.
Alcohol consumption: [40:19 - 41:10] pours, takes a sip, sings about whiskey

The transcript is available. If the transcript link is broken please email and we’ll get it to you as soon as we can. We’ve changed to google docs for our transcripts for accessibility - please let us know if anything isn’t working! 

This is a collaborative, ensemble project. Many of the character decisions are made by the actors as part of the story and script development process. Please check out the links below for more of their work:

Our guest voice this episode was provided by Mythical Rose. They’re a talented cosplayer - check out their tiktok - and a delight to work with.

We also want to thank Spy for the art he created for our birthday. You can check it out in our merch store at teepublic. The mission patch is beautiful, and we’ve made it canon! 

Our podcast art was created by Katy Schifferer. Check out her work!

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