Who Is In? Who Am I?- Avikal Costantino
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Who Is In? Who Am I?- Avikal Costantino
Feb 06, 2023 Season 3 Episode 11

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Avikal's book "Who Is In?" will challenge you to discover who you truly are. Often the belief that we know who we are blocks us from discovering who we indeed are.

Some of the things we discuss:

The questions  "Who is in?" and "Who am I?"
You often use the word Koan, what is that, and is it different from an existential question or the same?
Why would anybody start asking Who is in? or Who am I? What kind of benefit might that have?
 At the beginning of the second chapter, you write about the myth of identity. Don’t we need an identity to be in the world?
What do you mean by going beyond self-image?
You define Narcissism as a general human condition, please
You state that we are all complete, what do you mean by that?
What about attachment to the Direct Experience?

Avikal E. Costantino is a mystic, poet, and martial artist. Curiosity, passion, and love for the truth guide his life and teaching. He is the director of the Integral Being Institute active in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Avikal worked as an anthropologist and a freelance photographer. His love for Martial Arts, which he began in 1970, took him to teach Aikido and Sword in 1987, while his love for the body produced diplomas and professional activity in Shiatsu, Yu-Ki, and Seitai (healing techniques).

Reach Avikal at:

https://www.avikal.co and https://www.integralbeing.com

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