Philanthropy Australia Podcast
10 years of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
10 years of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission 17:18 How philanthropy is helping to tackle educational disadvantage 20:27 For the Love of Humanity: People, Place and Planet 31:46 Health justice partnerships and strategic philanthropy 23:24 Making sense of the complex act of giving 36:17 Unique calendar at heart of preserving local knowledge in Arnhem Land 20:13 Inside the new resource to support giving 39:30 Building rural and regional communities for the long haul 14:25 Passion and priorities: New Gen focuses on the future​ 33:41 Exploring data’s role in shaping post-pandemic giving 25:45 Homelessness: the problem that can be solved 27:29 Action on Poverty 18:58 The new ethical tests for our leaders 40:08 Giving Connect Podcast: Episode 6 20:56 Giving Connect Podcast: Episode 5 18:16 Systems Change Podcast - Embracing science in a pandemic 28:18 Giving Connect Podcast: Episode 4 16:56 Giving Connect Podcast: Episode 3 23:57 Giving Connect Podcast: Episode 2 17:23 Giving Connect Podcast: Episode 1 21:26 How technology helps us understand dementia 24:04 Impact Investing- The Big Question 38:35 Connecting communities - Delivering to those in need 32:18 Women helping change the Victorian justice system 23:40 Part 2: Options in uncertain times 23:25