Besties in Bed

Show Me Your Friends and I'll Show You Your Future

June 20, 2022 Tim McGinnis, Nicky McGinnis Episode 23
Show Me Your Friends and I'll Show You Your Future
Besties in Bed
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Besties in Bed
Show Me Your Friends and I'll Show You Your Future
Jun 20, 2022 Episode 23
Tim McGinnis, Nicky McGinnis

This week, we chat about:

  • The importance of your circle of friends


  • Being negative
  • The "poor man mentality" and "pity me" mindset
  • Random quick-fire questions relating to the weirdest place we have had sex. Also, sexy (and not sexy) names
  • I surprise Nicky with some good ol' "Would You Rather"

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Show Notes Transcript

This week, we chat about:

  • The importance of your circle of friends


  • Being negative
  • The "poor man mentality" and "pity me" mindset
  • Random quick-fire questions relating to the weirdest place we have had sex. Also, sexy (and not sexy) names
  • I surprise Nicky with some good ol' "Would You Rather"

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Voiceover: Welcome to the besties in bed podcast with Tim and Nikki, a married couple chatting about their adventures in life and marriage. Please be advised that our bed is not always work or kid friendly, but we'll leave that decision up to you. Hey,

Tim: Hey, Hey, happy father's day. And we just got back from grocery shopping. yeah, this that's what we did on, 

Nicky: on our father's day. On our father's day, you meet your father's day. That's probably what we did on mother's day. No, we knew. No, we didn't. 

Tim: We probably did all kinds of fun stuff. I 

Nicky: don't remember. I, I don't either.

I know, I know. I know we went to the game last 

Tim: night. The lightning lost by a, a huge margin. No, it was shut out. It was, it was embarrassing. Yeah. It was the official watch party. We didn't go to the actual game because one, it was in Colorado and we're 

Nicky: in Tampa and two it's really cold. Sorry. It's really cold.

It's really cold in Colorado. Isn't it? Wouldn't be cold or they have summers too. I don't know. I don't know anything. When we go 

Tim: to salt lake 

Nicky: city, is it always cold? No, I don't know. I just feel like it's cold. It's sorry guys. It's cold. It's cold. No, you're gonna look it up. What is the weather 

Tim: in Colorado?

It is it's 84. 

Nicky: Oh, okay. I just, I don't know. I think anything up north that snows 24 7 365 days of the year, period. It's always cold. I don't know. anyways, carry on. So I don't like the 

Tim: gold. What are we talking about today? We're talking about your 

Nicky: circle. Oh, it's a good topic. 

Tim: We're talking about your circle of friends.

Yes. And this is incredibly important. You 

Nicky: got to have a good circle of friends. I, I, I can't stress it enough. It 

Tim: it's one of the most important 

Nicky: things. I think it is the, well, yeah, one of the it's like up there, like, just like your friends should be up there, right? 

Tim: Our pastors to say all the time, show me your friends and I will show you your future.

Nicky: And it is so true. And I mean, we've raised our girls on. You know, philosophy. Is that what you would call it? This? Yeah. Well, you know, whole 

Tim: from it's beyond a philosophy, it's a principle. Okay. It's a law. It's a law of nature. 

Nicky: Yes. I mean, we have taught them that choose your friends wisely, make sure you choose them that you have.

Five friends that, or even not even five, whatever your friends are, choose them to where they pull you up, versus them pulling you down. If you've got one in your circle that is pulling you down, negative, all those kind of things, you just need to cut 'em out just, and it sucks sometimes is hard, but, and, and that, and, and in that circle of 

Tim: friends that could.

That could even be a family member. 

Nicky: It could be sometimes you just have to cut the negativity out and stuff because it will drag you down. It it's like 

Tim: it, it negativity can become like a cancer. Yeah. In your relationship. Oh yeah. With the, with your spouse, with your friends, with 

Nicky: everyone around you. Yeah.

So you definitely have to cut it out. And, um, you know, my girls have had to do that a couple times. I've had to do it with one friend and the, you know, they end up not being a friend and they're dragging you down and you just have to cut it. And I'm gonna tell you, Anne, the weight that comes off the shoulders.


Tim: And, and it sucks. It sucks to cut people. It, it does suck. No, not the weight coming off. I'm saying no. Yeah. The moment you have to cut somebody. Out of your circle or, or, or into friendship or relationship with someone? It, it, it sucks. 

Nicky: Yeah. But in the long run, And sometimes you have to cut 'em out quickly, just like basically sever the arm, just take it off.

And then sometimes you just have to kind of like, you know, back away a little bit, you know, don't be the one that initiates everything. Just kind of like let things kind of fall by the wayside. So to say, and kind of just start working on putting your time and effort and your energy towards other people who are bringing you up.

Right. That's just, 

Tim: and, and I'd say if you have somebody that's, that's, that's in there, that's always bringing you down. That's negative. If, if it's a friend, it might even be one of those things to where there's no, it's no, no need in even communicating it. Just, just do it because yeah, 

Nicky: I agree with that. I mean, a hundred percent just kind of let it, you know, you, you can't make someone else.

And people don't change. They don't, no people do change. Yeah. But for the most part you've got, you can tell the inner core of someone. That's what, I mean, a friend is not gonna 

Tim: change their or, or family member is not gonna change their, uh, their way of thought their way of speech, their, their patterns, their inner core, their inner core based on whether you want 'em to, or not.

Right. I mean, it has to come from 

Nicky: within, they have to wanna do the change and they're not gonna wanna do the change if they're that type of energy is what I'm saying. You know, they, you know what I'm trying to say? Yeah. I know what you're saying. I mean, people do change. Don't get me wrong. I mean, we're living proof of that, but.

The majority, you just know the core person. Right. You know, that kind of thing. And also you have to think about it. You're also guilty by association. Absolutely. So, and that could go good or bad. So let's say you have a friend who's really good. You know, does nice things. You can just tell that they're a good person and you hang around with that person.

Then you're automatically viewed by the people that they're friends with. That you're a good person as well, because that person wouldn't hang out with someone who. You know, gonna be a troublemaker, negative driving people down, you have perceived high 

Tim: value based on someone with high value. 

Nicky: Being associated with you because everybody knows guilty by association in a negative way.

Right. Everybody knows that it works both ways, but it does. And that's why I was trying to bring the, the light into the positive portion of it, because I mean, it does, let's just say you have, um, People around you who make well, you know, are well off, make a lot of money mm-hmm and stuff like that. And you're hanging with those type people.

For one, it puts your energy in a whole different limelight. It changes your mindset to where you're, you know, more ambitious and wanna do things. And then people that are around those people are like, okay, they're very ambitious type person because they're hanging in with this person who's ambitious. So obviously they are, and that puts you in a, I don't know.

Higher status. That's not what I mean to say, but you know what I'm trying to say. Higher perceived value. Yeah. I mean, I guess that's yeah. Yeah. 

Tim: Within, within people's social circle, right. You, you mentioned, uh, uh, what did you mention? I don't know. okay. Well, I've mentioned a lot. You mentioned something about, you know, um, in a business sense, income levels, whatever.

I had read something, I don't know whether it's true or not, and I don't even remember where I read it, but it said. If you take the average income of your five people, mm-hmm in your circle. Mm-hmm that you will make. Within 25,000 above or below that average. Hmm. So if you're hanging around with 

Nicky: millionaires, you're just gonna attract that kind of energy and that kind of sta that kind of stop versus if you're on the street corner and there's nothing wrong with that, but if you're over there, you know, and that's your lifestyle and you're.

You know, doing Coke and heroin. I mean, granted, that's not good. Not that everybody on the street corner does that. No, no, I'm saying that part's not good, but I was gonna saying if you're hanging around those type of people, then of course you're gonna get mixed up with that. Same with like gangs. If you are in the neighborhood where you are, unfortunately, have to hang out with that.

That's when a lot of people get wrapped up in that and because they have no other out, you know, and then there's those few that really somehow or another get that, that one chance it gets to 'em and they're able to escape from that and build themselves up. So it's just, it's the same thing. It's like, if who you attract and where you're around and stuff like that, that's what you're gonna attract kind of thing you got that I got that okay.

As long as you got that, 

Tim: I guess the takeaway from this. I don't know if it's it's worth, you know, beating the Bush a whole lot, but the takeaway is boom, boom, boom. That who you choose to hang out with is incredibly important to your own financial success. Emotional success. Mental, uh, I said financial, mental, it's emotional.

I know physical success. If you hang around with people that just sit on the couch, eating 

Nicky: Pringles all day, that's pretty much what you're gonna wanna do. You know, the whole, you know, the whole status back in the day, I was like, oh, I just watched so Popps and eat boons or, you know, you know, but that's the same thing.

A couch potatoes. If your friends 

Tim: are always smoking weed all the time and they're sitting on there. Yep. That's what you're gonna do. Look, ouch. You are going to do. 

Nicky: Yeah, it just, it is what it is. Right. They're gonna 

Tim: bring you down. However, if your friends are always out, uh, outside doing physical activities, you're gonna do that.

If your friends are starting businesses, you're gonna wanna do that, do that. You're gonna want to do that and you will bring yourself up. You will allow them to bring theirselves up. And I. Actually talking with my hands right 

Nicky: now. Yes. Just don't hit the mic. again, you can't help it. You're you're a hand talker.

I'm not always a hand talker. You're a hand talker. you are let my hand talk. Oh yeah. He's doing the slapping on the booty hand talking. No, let me just describe what's going on here. just so you know, and, and you're not always going to. 

Tim: And it, and it's completely fine to disagree with your friends. Well, yeah, cause you're going to, yeah.

You're, you're not gonna agree with everything that 

Nicky: someone does cause then that wouldn't make you unique. You would just right. If you agree 

Tim: with everything that someone says, only one of you are thinking, 

Nicky: this is true and you're people puter. I don't remember who I, I don't know. I've never heard that before, but it's a good one.

Yeah. Write that shit down. If, if you and 

Tim: I always agree on every topic, only one of us is think. 

Nicky: Hey, I might like that though. Can I, can I hang my hat up? And you do the thinking for us, or that's just gonna get us in a shitload of trouble. 

Tim: and also don't worry about pleasing everybody. I mean, you do, you.

Nicky: Yeah. I mean, well, if you're pleasing everyone, you're not doing it right. We were, um, I don't know. We were what 

Tim: we were watching. I think it was alpha M YouTube video. Oh yeah. And he says that if everyone likes you, it, it you're what, 

Nicky: what did were, I think he said, if everyone likes you, you're doing it wrong.

Exactly. That. Or he 

Tim: probably said, if everyone likes you, you're fucking it up. 

Nicky: That's probably more like it. Cause it's, 

Tim: nobody's gonna, like every, nobody's gonna agree with everything and you're a you're 

Nicky: and you can disagree with friends and still be 

Tim: friends, be friends. Yeah, shocking. Right. Uh, 

Nicky: if , if what I certainly messed you up, however, however, Oh U vocabulary.

I feel like 

Tim: we're talking, you know, we're repeating ourselves talking in circle. If you're around a group and all they're talking about is negative. This negative that they're bitching about the government all the time. They're bitching about the president. They're bitching about the prices of gas, of 

Nicky: gas and everything.

I mean, yeah, we all know it sucks. 

Tim: That's all you're hearing. All you're hearing is negativity. This negativity that griping complaining you, you, you, you all of a sudden start. Seeing negativity out in the world. That's what you focus on. That's what you're gonna see. You're not gonna see the, the opportunities that are out there.

Um, you're not gonna, did you fart? 

Nicky: No, I lifted my legs off the cheek. 

Tim: if, if, if you focus on negativity, no. If your friends focus on negativity, you, you don't, you, you're not allowing yourself the opportunity of, of experiencing and expressing gratitude. Sorry. It was a hair. Yeah. It was a hair on the mic. And instead of leaving it there so we can hear she's scraping it off.

So we're here hair. Laish it was poking, but guess what? At least she doesn't have 

Nicky: a hair on the microphone. That's right. It's not poking me anymore, but I'm gonna take that a step notch up. Okay. I'm a, I'm almost step you kick it up a notch. I am. Who used to say that? Emerald Emeril 

Tim: Lagosi yeah, I was 

Nicky: like the food network.

Yeah. I was like, kick it up a notch. Okay. Well it, oh shit. Was that loud? Yeah. She scared the shit out of me. but it's um, also like the, the poor man mentality, I guess is another thing. Poor men mentality. Mentality. Yeah. Not mentality. I thought I said mentality, is it mentality or mentality? Men mentality. Oh, geez.

This the whole word thing. the words I know anyway, I'm sorry. Okay. But the whole poor, poor man mentality. Yeah. If you're constantly like, and I have a bad habit of, because it's kind of goes into my whole. Growing up is how much was this? What, what did that cost? Oh my goodness. They spent this much and you know, oh, I can't afford this.

I can't afford that. Well, if you say you can't afford this and you can't afford that, it's gonna go into the same concept. What you put out is what you're gonna get back. And that's kind of the same concept is you're just like, oh, PO wo was me, poor me, poor this, how much did that call, call pity 

Tim: me. This pity me.

That, that pisses me off more 

Nicky: than anything. I hate. Mentality. It just, I mean, it's all, it's all fine. And Danny, for us to have a, a, you know, a pity party once in a blue moon, everybody has, oh, everybody has a pity party, occasionally. Yes. But a constant, you know, those P yeah. Pick 

Tim: yourself up and get your, your ass up, moving, 


Nicky: something about it.

But you know, those people, they know, you know who I'm talking about. Exactly. You know, who we're talking about. Yeah, exactly. And I'm not saying that like, it's you? No, no, no, no. But if you don't know who we're talking. Guess what it could be. It is you , but it's definitely, you gotta look at like your pees and, you know, I mean, like everybody has, 'em kinda like everybody has the crazy uncle.

Everybody has the, you know, mm-hmm, the crazy stories at Thanksgiving and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But that whole like poor men mentality or whatever will really fuck up your brain. And it's really hard to get yourself out of that. So try to really consciously think on. What you're saying or how you're saying it, because that will just knock you down.

Right. And 

Tim: actual, our, our pastor did a sermon today on comparison. Yeah. Which we can, we, I think we can do a whole topic on comparison, you know, that live in this comparison lifestyle and we will, I think that's a good one. Write 

Nicky: that down, write that down. Okay. Let me write that down. But 

Tim: basically we go through life, comparing ourselves with other, whether it be on social media, whether it be our neighbors or whatever.

and we lose track of the, what, the blessings that we, we actually

Nicky: have I'm writing down. Okay. Well, okay. 

Tim: I, I forget that Nikki can't talk and write at the same 

Nicky: time I was typing, not writing, but 

Tim: anyway, so, you know, we lose track of, of, of the blessings. That we are given. We, we focus, you know, you, you, you can become where you focus too much on what someone else has 

Nicky: and not on what you have.

Oh, this could be a whole conversation. Oh my goodness. Trying to keep up with the Genesis. I feel like we're, we're 

Tim: diverting from the circle of friends talk. Yeah, 

Nicky: we really are. Erase all that. I mean, that's a whole, we'll back to that piano worms too. Like an, but I would have to say like, in our relationship as a married couple, we have definitely, you know, watched who our circle of friends are and, you know, and have made adjustments accordingly.

Yes, we have definitely done that and, you know, It's definitely been periods of times where we're like, we had friends back when we were in college that we don't have friends now. And we have friends like we had in like mid childhood, like when our kids were little that we don't, it's not that we don't really talk when we just don't see them as much.

And then we've had friends we've had, since, you know, we've had kids that we're still friends with, so it's just. Different circles of life, different circumstances, some right. Some 

Tim: people are meant to be in your life for a specified 

Nicky: period of time. Right. And some are just a season, as they say, 

Tim: kind of like what I just said.

I know some are supposed to be there for a certain period of time. And then I don't know. It sounds horrible to say. You know, they don't serve the purpose anymore, 

Nicky: but they don't. , you know, I mean, when someone call a spade, a spade damnit, 

Tim: when you notice somebody is bringing you down, it is time. It, it is imperative that you make the necessary adjustment.


Nicky: cut your losses while you can otherwise hell out. 

Tim: I mean, it, it could be detrimental in so many aspects 

Nicky: of your life. Definitely could. I mean, that goes for the same thing as like having a spouse. I mean, I, the whole divorce thing sucks and I don't ever wanna be in that club. No, thank you. But I mean, if it was necessary, then it's necessary for a particular reason, for my mental, you know, my mentality, my mental state, you know, if you're not doing what you should be doing as a husband, then, you know, I can't do that and bring my kids down.

A lot of people stay married because of the kids. That's another, another episode. Oh, it's a whole nother topic in itself too. please do your favor. Stop a favor and just carry on. Yeah, 

Tim: the kids,

if you're in that position, stupid enough. They know if you're in that position that you're actually in your mind saying we're staying together because of the kids. at that point, the kids probably are, are miserable too. Mm-hmm and, and they were like, can you please just get the fuck up? Make the, yeah. Do what you gotta do so that we can all live happy lives again.

Yeah, yeah. Or happy 

Nicky: her lives. Exactly. I mean, oh my God. Do you have anything else on this topic? I don't know, but I do have these cards. Oh my okay. Okay. So I have this deck of cards. It's like these weird random questions. Oh, it's the, the, the interviewed deck. No, it's called what the fuck. 

Tim: Well, yeah, but it it's, it's part of the, um, a, a deck of cards that 

Nicky: we just a deck of cards with questions.

Right. And it's called what the fuck. So it could be anything. Right. And 

Tim: you have a whole deck. We're not 

Nicky: gonna go through all those questions. No, no. I'm just gonna have you pick one and if it really sucks, I'll have you pick another one, but you know, we'll kinda, oh, he's going right for the middle. Yep.

Okay. Do you want me to read it? Yeah. of course. You're gonna pick this one. You want me to read it? What is the weirdest place you've had sex? well, these are gonna be the same answers. I think it weirder. 

Tim: Yeah. The weirdest place. Now you're gonna answer, well, I guess it would be the, the same answer. 

Nicky: Yeah.

Unless I think it one, if something's weird, I mean, 

Tim: we we've done it on the beach before. 

Nicky: Yeah. I don't know. Is that weird? It's not weird. I don't like the weird part. Well, change it to whatever you want it to be. Okay. Well, beach, 

Tim: there has been activities in a, in a movie theater. 

Nicky: Oh, of course.

Tim: think of the Alans morrisette song.

Nicky: oh my gosh. Which one? There's a lot of 'em. Um, oh, okay. Yeah. So you're gonna go with beach, uh, 

Tim: Well, I mean, sure. Okay. What would you say? 

Nicky: I don't know. I I'm just like, dude, you can't play that game now. You gotta pick something our, I mean, like, haven't really been like trying to think there's no elevator.

It's not fast enough. I mean, it's too fast. not that enough, but too fast. I'm trying to think of 

Tim: like the weirdest place. You know, we'll probably think about it afterwards, afterwards.

Nicky: Yeah. I'm gonna say, I'm gonna go with you with what you say. I mean, there has 

Tim: been things happened on the scooter 

Nicky: in key west.

Not while it was moving. 

Tim: Well, 

Nicky: not sex. Yeah. I mean, but that's not. This says sex, dude. Well, it, 

Tim: you change the, 

Nicky: that doesn't mean it's not a rules of gang says sex dumb, not as sucks. Dumb. Now use it here. Pick another one. Let's just do it one. You gonna read it? I'm gonna read this one to you. 

Tim: Okay. All right.

What is the sexiest name and least sexy 

Nicky: name? Sexiest name, and least sexiest name for like myself. 

Tim: Well, that doesn't say all it says is what is the sexiest name? And least 

Nicky: sexy name for a girl or a guy. Okay. For a girl now, hold on. Oh, I was gonna up with one, you 

Tim: know, we're this is just, we, we have it's 

Nicky: all this out.

It's opinion. It's opinion. It's literally like opinion. Okay. Like somebody's. Pissed off. Yeah. Okay. Like Catrina and that sound like you hated that name. Catarina, Catarina. Doesn't that sound like, you know, like, who's that say 

Tim: there there's yeah. I mean, there's some sexy sexiness to, yeah, but I wasn't 

Nicky: expecting, I know you weren't.

Okay. So not least next sexy for a girl. Oh, I I'll go with, um, least sexy and okay. What's least sexy. I don't know. you said you were gonna go with it, so gimme something. Okay. For a girl. I would say like Al. Oh, gosh. Yeah. I'm with you. I'm sorry. Over that. And I knew in Olga, 

Tim: in college and she was so sweet.

Oh, but not a, a sexy name. It's not a sexy 

Nicky: name. Okay. What about a guy? Like I've never heard 

Tim: of a, a porn star named to ol. Or stripper? No. Well, Olga, come up to stage please. Olga. 

Nicky: You're next I box Olga on the pole. What about a guy? What about Jim Bob or something? Doesn't sound sexy. 

Tim: Jim. Bob does not sound sexy.

Sorry, Jim. Bob. I 

Nicky: know. Sorry, Olga. Yeah. Okay. What sounds sexy for a guy? Oh, 

Tim: good 

Nicky: grief. Well, I'm reading a book that has Jackson in it, so Jackson's 

Tim: sexy, I think, uh, immediately I think of, um, 

Nicky: sons of anarchy. Yeah, well, yeah, that too, but that's not the book I'm reading and Jackson was pretty hot. Yes. That was a good show by the way.

Yeah, it was a good show, but yeah. Okay. So Jackson would be kind of one, but that's kind of like a, I don't wanna say a plain name, but a kind of, um, you know, I don't know with something else that's, that's only cuz I'm reading a book. So that's why I'm like, uh, um, Oh, I'm trying to think of like some hot actors.

That's why their names are hot actors. Yeah. That's why their name would be sexy. 

Tim: is Kiana Reeves a hot actor. 

Nicky: Yeah, but I, Johnny Depp those names, Johnny, Johnny to me, I don't know. Doesn't sound sexy. Kia river river Phoenix. Yeah. I mean, they're all hot, but it's not like a sexy or, well, he was hot. Yeah. Okay.

Good point. But, yeah. Okay. Oh, 

Tim: he lived in Gainesville by the way. Um, we'll have to get 

Nicky: Alrighty then. Yeah. I, after he, he died, I think one of these questions was like some random fact that you have, well, there you go. That was one of your random thought after, after he died. And I was in 

Tim: Gainesville at the time I found out that he lived in Gainesville.

I didn't know. He went by the name Rio in Gainesville because he hated Hollywood and everything that it. Representative representative representative representative. So he went by the name Rio in Gainesville, and that's what his friends would call him. And he wouldn't answer to river apparently. 

Nicky: Oh, anyway, there you go.

Okay. So that's enough 

Tim: of the, the interview cards. I'm gonna hand those back to you. I have a, a couple of, would you rather questions? Oh, geez. I 

Nicky: didn't know you had these. No, you 

Tim: didn't. Oh, great. I completely I'm surprising her. Yeah, you will find out as same time she does. Bamboos old me. Uh, 

Nicky: I'm only gonna do a couple.

Okay. Okay. Go. . Wow. 

Tim: You went from not being able to hear you to all of a sudden you blasted 

Nicky: my eardrums. Okay, go, go, go, go, go. 

Tim: Sorry. All right. Would you rather date a porn star or be a porn? 

Nicky: I would rather be the porn star and make the dollars versus, oh, see 

Tim: dating. See immediately she goes to the dollars.

I'd rather be the porn. Starer just 

Nicky: have all the sex. Oh, the porn star. Yeah. You do have to do that. No. Oh God. 

Tim: Now you're what like 

Nicky: sex is bad. No, but you're sex is thinking, you're thinking like. I'm not one to be with around a thousand people. Like, I mean, that's kind of like, I like my who, so 

Tim: you would rather me be with a thousand people and just come home to 

Nicky: you, right?

No, that's what I'm saying. I wouldn't want that either. I'm like, well, no. It's would you rather, you gotta pick one or the other, I'm gonna be the porn star. Go on next. I'm gonna be the porn star. oh, but I said, I'm gonna be guys. We're a couple porn stars. Okay. All right. Woo. Let me find, think of my porn star name.

Nikki's already kind of there. . Okay, Karen, Nikki's kind of a porn star. I know. That's what I said. I'm already halfway there. What's mine. Us keep mine until definitely not at one. 

Tim: So, so what's a porn star name for a guy. What was the Seinfeld one buck naked. I dunno. I don't remember that. Yeah. For a guy. I mean, you know, 

Nicky: that's harder.

Yeah. Okay. What's your next harder there you go. Harder? 

Tim: No. Um, okay. Just one more. Would you rather be a Virgin until you're 40 years old or not be able to have sex after 40. Exactly. I wish you could see her face. It was like, oh my God. So you would be a Virgin. You have no sex up until you're 40, and then you have sex and sex for the rest of your life.

Or you have all the sex you want up until your 40 and then you never have, can have sex again. Which hell would you choose? 

Nicky: I don't know. That's really bad because I mean, I have to say I was a late bloomer, you know what I'm saying? So I didn't like maximize my. Well, if 

Tim: you knew it was gonna be cut off at 

Nicky: 40, you might have

If I had known it was gonna be cut off at 40, then yes. If I knew this going in, then I would do before 40. Before 40. Yes. If I knew going in, but, but how about all the 

Tim: expertise that you learned throughout the years? 

Nicky: That, yeah, but that's what I'm saying. If I didn't know, there are things, things I can 

Tim: do now for you that couldn't do it.

I did not know 

Nicky: how to do at 20. Yeah. I agree with this a thousand percent. So that's why I'm saying, you know, uh, but you know, if I had started earlier, I would've gotten to the expertise E part faster, probably. 

Tim: The expertise part 

Nicky: what else do you wanna call it? That's where I would've been. Huh? I, I think people know what you mean.

Yeah, exactly. I mean, if y'all don't know what I mean now, 

Tim: I, I don't mind making up words. I just like to point out sometimes that the words sound funny to 

Nicky: Mevo, funny to you. I'm glad you get humor out of it. The expertise E words. Yes. Okay, that was all the, would you rather not only wrote a couple? I mean, I can, I can think of more if you'd like, oh, Lordy.

I don't know if we 

Tim: would like we'll save 'em and just kind of throw 'em out there occasionally. 

Nicky: Yeah. Okay. There you go. So is that gonna be it for today? That is it. That's gonna be it. This is so sad. 

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Tim: Sherry sharing is the happy way. Our expertise he porn. 

Nicky: Yes. Did you just really wave goodbye 

Tim: with your wave? Goodbye? I was dancing to the music 

Nicky: you did like this. You seriously used your hands on.

Wave goodbye.