Henria Stephens, Cannabis Law articling student
Cannabis Law on Earth
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Cannabis Law on Earth
Henria Stephens, Cannabis Law articling student
Jul 07, 2021 Episode 6
Russell Bennett, Cannabis Lawyer, cannabislaw.ca

Henria Stephens is our incredible Student at Law at Cannabis Law, Barristers & Solicitors.

Prior to law school, Henria worked in the Agriculture, Healthcare and International Development Sectors for nearly 20 years over three continents. She has worked in small grassroots organizations and large multinational corporations. She is a champion of justice and fairness and returned to law school to hone her advocacy skills.

Before joining Cannabis Law, Henria volunteered at a social justice focused sole practitioner’s law firm, whose practice areas included Civil Litigation, Human Rights and Labour & Employment. She also attended The Michener Institute, and successfully completed Health Professional’s Introduction to Cannabis to better understand the medicinal and therapeutic uses of Cannabis.

Henria also articles jointly with Lewin & Sagara, showing incredible commitment to the cannabis legal industry and her teammates. When not learning more about cannabis and psychedelics, Henria enjoys genuine connections, memorable meals and marvelling at the universe.

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If you're looking for a good text book on Canada's federal cannabis law and regulations with helpful related case law, read Canada's Cannabis Act.

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