The D2D Podcast

Zac Kerr and Mike Hilverda - Leveraging technology for your business

March 09, 2021 Sam Taggart
The D2D Podcast
Zac Kerr and Mike Hilverda - Leveraging technology for your business
Show Notes

Measure the beautiful life we have today to that of the 1950s, the TikTok, Instagram, and fabulous selfies. Much has changed, thanks to technology. 

The same technological evolutions have also spilled to the door-to-door sales industry, with sales reps now preferring to work smarter and more efficiently via automation.

But how efficiently have you been leveraging technology? How well have you been choosing software solutions given the specific needs of your company? How well also have you been integrating new software additions to your existing tech stack?

In this podcast, Zac Kerr and Mike Hilverda, from Sales Rabbit, dish us an overwhelmingly nourishing heap of information on how to leverage technology to transform your direct sales business. 

Sales Rabbit is one of the pacesetters in the direct sales software niche, with over eight years in operation. Zac Kerr and Mike Hilverda have consulted tens of thousands of businesses across their decades-old career, helping them optimize their software solution.

In addition to learning how to choose the best software to buy for your precise business needs, this podcast will teach you how to: 

o   To boost reps’ accountability, efficiency, and motivation

o   Have the right conversations with your departments to choose software best optimized to their respective needs

o   Maximize integration and synchronization in a tech stack with other software

o   Choose software providers that audit your systems and identify gaps for integration

o   Leverage data for enhanced lead acquisition and processing, drastically upping your closing ratio

o   Maximize machine learning and artificial intelligence for area selection to increase buyer propensity

o   Leverage technology to coherently harmonize cross campaign lead generation