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BUZZing about Building Beloved Communities

February 14, 2022 Michael Hemphill, Creator of Buzz Season 1 Episode 6
Buzz4Good! Nonprofits+Marketing
BUZZing about Building Beloved Communities
Show Notes

Excerpted from our Buzz4Good! radio show ...

EMPOWERMENT. BADASSERY. INSPIRATION. MENTORSHIP. These are the 4 values of  Building Beloved Communities, which provides community-centered solutions for small businesses, delivers expert business solutions for nonprofits, and creates community-minded leaders through training and educational workshops.

BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill talks to company founder Bonnie Chavez and and director of operations Shannon Dominguez about how they're building beloved communities across Virginia and the United States.

Are you a nonprofit with an event that we could help promote? Or a marketing problem we could help fix? Contact us and we’ll share on an upcoming episode.

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They’re not the rich and famous. They don’t run for office, preside over boardrooms, walk the halls of power. In a society seduced by celebrity and status … they have neither. Their capital isn’t financial, but social. Their profit comes not from the thing they sell, but from the good they do.

They are our nation’s nonprofits. The United States has more than 1.5 million nonprofits — from homeless shelters, food banks and rescue squads to children’s choirs, science museums and animal refuges — that employ one out of every 10 Americans. Like any company, nonprofits have salaries and bills to pay, a budget to balance. They require money. And if enough people don’t know about them, don’t believe in them, don’t support them — in short, if they lack BUZZ — they suffer and die.