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Hnry - James Fuller

May 23, 2022 Dexter Cousins / James Fuller Season 8 Episode 11
Fintech Chatter
Hnry - James Fuller
Show Notes

James Fuller, Co-founder & CEO of Hnry joins Dexter Cousins to chat about their nomination for the Fintech Of The Year in the 2022 People's Choice Award.

Brought to you by FinTech Australia and Tier One People, People's Choice is the Finnies Award the Fintech community gets to decide.

Each unique listen/download will count as a vote for Hnry. Your network can give you a bonus point by registering their details and voting for you here.

The Finnies, the most prestigious Fintech awards in Australia will be held in Melbourne - 23rd June 2022.

Find out more - Finnies 2022

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