Fintech Chatter

ZeroCap - Ryan McCall

January 13, 2023 Dexter Cousins / Ryan McCall Season 9 Episode 3
Fintech Chatter
ZeroCap - Ryan McCall
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In episode 3 of our Blockchain Chatter series, Dexter Cousins is joined by Ryan McCall, CEO of Zerocap.

They're an Australian Blockchain business building Digital asset investment products and technology for wholesale and institutional investors.

Ryan is responsible for driving the company forward to realise Zerocap’s vision: zero friction, borderless finance.

2022 was a HUGE year for Zerocap. In addition to winning multiple industry awards, they launched Australia's first stable coin (in partnership with ANZ) and are partnering with ASX to build a digital asset trading and custody platform.

About Ryan McCall
As a self-taught software engineer, Ryan has worked around financial services since 2006, having designed and delivered complex risk and pricing engines for international insurance and wealth management companies including Marsh, Willis, IAG, Findex, Hyperion and Generation Life.

About Zerocap
Founded in 2016, Zerocap is a market-leading private wealth management firm for digital assets. Zerocap brings a deep understanding of digital asset technology, trading, portfolio optimisation, custody and insurance, having processed over a billion dollars of digital assets for investors, institutions and family offices.

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About Zerocap
Working with ANZ on Australia's first Stable coin
The Zerocap Fund
ASX Partnership
Institutional Support for Digital Asset Technology
Could a looming economic crisis lead to mainstream adoption of digital assets?
Regulation and building credibility
Hiring the right people at the right time
Leadership lessons from scaling a business
2023 trends - Tokenisation
Zerocap plans in 2023
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