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Episode #5: Dan and Alicia Staton of #ELKSHAPE talk fitness, food, and family.
December 24, 2016 Dan and Alicia Staton
Ryan and Dan Staton met in the backcountry a near decade ago, and since then have forged a friendship based on the backcountry archery lifestyle. Many of you may know Dan from #Elkshape, Hoyt, Mountain Ops, and Sitka (just to name a few,) but we wanted to talk with Dan and his wife, Alicia, to learn more about their life now with a young family. They own Crossfit Spokane Valley and have a passion for fitness, food, and family. Their youngest new addition to the family makes an appearance there as well, because real life can't be scripted. Like the Staton's say, family is life's greatest blessings. Get to know Dan and Alicia a little bit better. Show notes at
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