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Episode #11: Food Friday: From Mountain to Table: Prepping, Preparing, and Preserving your own wild game
January 27, 2017 Ryan Lampers and Dr. Hillary Lampers
On today's podcast Ryan shares his experience with meat prep from mountain to table! A few topics he touches on: Keeping the meat cool. Aging meat to help tenderize it. Game bags that he likes and why - Tag bags, Caribou bags. Tools for cutting and favorite choice cuts. Removing fat to improve taste (venison). Cleaning and drying of meat. Vacuum packing and labeling. Why he does his own meat instead of butcher. Important equipment for burger : Grinder from Cabela's, vacuum packer. Clean fat amounts for burger. Hillary chimes in with a few health facts and Ryan continues: Nitrates and the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. What happens with nitrates in meat in the body and how they are linked to cancer. Why we choose organic fats and try to avoid hormones. Grinding wild game meat with bacon fat for burger. Keeping fat cold when adding. Mixing burger, packaging and vacuum packing. Jerky. Summer sausage recipe with either venison or elk. show notes at
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