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Episode #17: Why We Garden: Organics, Toxins and Hormones, Seasonal Eating and Getting Ready for Spring
March 02, 2017 Ryan Lampers and Dr. Hillary Lampers
Spring is getting closer, and that means garden season! With this first garden podcast of the year Ryan and Hillary discuss some opening comments on getting ready for the garden, or doing it for the first time! The first 30 minutes: Why we garden? Sustainability, price, and health. Why organic? What does that mean, and why we choose to do it in our garden. The War on Masculinity. Persistent Organic Pollutants and how they disrupt hormones. Nutrient quality in garden grown food. The Dirty Dozen: The foods to eat organic, the foods that aren't as important organic. Seasonal Eating: Why eating with your climate and season is healthier. The second 30 minutes: Ryan's tomatoes and amazing sauces, and why tomatoes in the winter don't appeal to Hillary. Why we encourage a garden, even if it's just a few pots or raised beds. How your climate and time of year will affect what you are growing. Types of materials and nutrients we add to our soil and build into soil. Eggshells, coffee grounds, fish fertilizer. Pest control- slugs and what we use for slug bait. If you would like to find out your levels of POP's, you can order this simple urine test! Thank you for listening! Show notes
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