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Episode #19: Mind, Muscle, and Metabolism, Testosterone, and All Things Man with Dr. Jade Teta
March 14, 2017 Dr. Jade Teta
Today we talk with one of our good friends and a powerhouse in the field of hormones and metabolic health, Dr. Jade Teta. Acclaimed physician, author, health entrepreneur, and mindset coach, Jade is all about developing your mind, muscle, and metabolism. Jade is not a hunter, but he has a great respect for the male physiology and how the hunt improves man. He is creator of Metabolic Effect and author of "The Metabolic Effect Diet" and "Lose Weight Here" with his brother Dr. Keoni Teta. He is the brother-in-law of Dr. Jillian Teta from podcast #4 on digestive health. In the first 30 minutes we learn about: Dr. Jade's background and his mind, muscle, and metabolism philosophy. The success of the mental game and being alone in the backcountry. The Badass Factor of raising testosterone and decreasing stress hormones. Wilderness travel/hunting as the perfect testosterone enhancement. How to mimic the backcountry effects when you can't get into the backcountry. How POP's, stress, diet, and poor movement are leading to testosterone deficiency. TRT and how we need to have the 4 aspects of life for it to work. Why backcountry travel is the perfect detox- UNLESS you aren't eating well. Hillary shares noticing Ryan's health improve by being in the mountains. The modern loss of positive initiation for boys into manhood. The heart of the healing of men requires meaning and purpose and how this increases testosterone. The women's social advantage and the social part of hunting. In the 2nd half we discuss: The cycle of hunting, brotherhood, and time with the lover improves hormones, and decreases stress hormones. Introverts and the natural dichotomy of men. The connection of the rutted deer and the hunter in the fall. The impossibility of the Western pitfalls going into the backcountry. High quality foods and how the hunter athlete keeps a healthy life. The harvesting of animal fats such as deer, elk, and fall bear. The downfall of the Eat Less, Exercise More approach and cyclic Lose Weight Here and the Eat Less, Exercise Less- Eat More, Exercise More cycling for optimal hormonal regulation. The calling of the Warrior in men. Mentorships in men who crave to learn more about the backcountry. Charisma = Presence, Power, and Warmth. Power in men and how it is missing in so many men and ways to help it. In the 3rd part: Ryan and Hillary tell a Survivor story about strong males and Jade defines the problem with confidence in males. How men need to be everything and nothing. Jade's key for women listening is the idea of a vulnerable man vs. a man who remains open. The male struggle, female oppression, and the modern era psychological depression of men. The natural way of living and activities that improve testosterone naturally. No supplement will duplicate what a healthy lifestyle can do. The length of time it will take to improve testosterone status to healthy. The Goldilocks Effect and Testosterone levels. Chest to waist ratio needs to be below .8 or are likely T deficient. Women's sexual preference, and how estrogen is their winning hormone. Sugar Burners, Muscle Burners, and Mixed Burner body types from Hillary shares her body type and how Ryan is the exact opposite. Erectile dysfunction, TRT, and the testosterone program. Show notes at Testosterone program at
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